Align with Us

We are focused on outdoor sustainable, ethical and adventurous brands which care about the environment and communities. Our main activities include surfing, snowboarding, hiking and playing live music! So if your a brand that digs what we do and wants to get involved contact us.

Opportunity for your brand

Promote your brand through our projects. There is a lot of scope to connect with like-minded people through our occupation of education and playing music for people in Australia and internationally both online and in person.

Brands and Organisations we have worked with: One Wave is all it takes (music), Take 3 environmental (School visit education), Surfrider foundation Newcastle (music), Conscious Club (music), Conner Hats (Clothing), Maiden Clothing (Clothing), Tall Tales (Clothing)

Proposal to promote your products and gear

Hi there, we are Jess and Jonny Dustow and we live in our van in Australia. We are both surfers, snowboarders, hikers and adventurers. As an occupation we work casually as High School teachers and Jonny plays live music outlined in the music section below. Jess is a keen adventurer focused on hiking long distance trails in Australia and internationally. Jonny has a Masters in business majoring in marketing and international business. We would love to collaborate with your brand and products and promote them through our websites and social media.

Upcoming opportunities

December 2015-February 2016 We will be hiking the South Island of New Zealand, playing music and surfing! In between these dates we will be teaching and exploring Australia by Van.