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Jess & Taylah: Tidal Magazine


Jess & Taylah: Tidal Magazine

ROAR: Jess & Taylah, what your doing with 'Tidal Magazine' is so impressive! Tell us a little bit of background of the two of you and how this great venture came to life!?

Tidal: We went to school together and had been looking for some kind of project we could work on that would support ocean conservation. The very first idea to work together actually came from a conversation we had in the ocean mid-festival, and from that initial brainstorming it grew into Tidal. We knew so many young people who were insanely talented and really stepping up the creative game but just weren't being recognised for it. There is such a movement of creativity and culture happening on the Sunshine Coast, and beyond as well, and we wanted to showcase that and make it accessible to everyone. We've never just settled with what we're doing, we're always looking for ways to further grow Tidal and continue supporting the creative movement within young people. Tidal Presents was another major step for us as these events allow us to showcase creatives in a physical space and give the community something they can be directly involved with. The response from the community has been so motivating, it gives us so much drive to keep going. We've also started adding a few creatives to our team so we're really excited to be able to support their work and see where we can take Tidal with a growing team.

ROAR: The stories you share and events you support of young people doing extraordinary things is so inspiring! What are some highlights so far? 

Tidal: Everyone we meet is a highlight! Something we've always said is that Tidal is a huge assembly of young people making things happen, and every time we collaborate with someone we're building this massive, productive creative army and it's just epic! We really appreciate these relationships we build through Tidal, and it's rarely a one-off interview for us, we always continue supporting those people that support us. A lot of these people we continue to work with on other projects, or they become really good friends which is even cooler. We do have a few pieces that we're particularly stoked about though; we were so excited to feature Ollie Henderson in Tidal 2. Ollie is the boss lady behind House of Riot, as well as an amazing activist, model, artist and feminist. She's someone we've both held in the highest regard for a long time so it was crazy to be able to work with her. Another major highlight has been our recent pop-up art show. It was a collection of so many of our favourite artists, local and further down the coast too. We had people of all ages come on the night and there was just so much stoke and such a strong sense of community. Would happily do that night again weekly.

ROAR: Your events sound epic and we hope we can get to one soon. We can tell a major part of what you do is supporting ocean conservation and awareness for this important concern. Why is this so important to you and what organisations do you support?

Tidal: Aside from the fact that the ocean is the cornerstone of all life on earth, no matter where you live, it's even more strongly aligned with our life here on the coast. It's part of our everyday life; it's where we go to picnic, to drink, to celebrate, to mourn, you hear it when you're lying in bed, there's a constant trail of sand in your car and probably your house as well. It's the blue heartbeat of the planet and we need to look after it. We don't have set organisations as such that we support as we like to be able to work with causes depending on what issues are currently on the table and in a way that is going to make the best use of our skills and network. In saying that we are big supporters of Sea Shepherd, and on a more local scale, Sirens for the Sea and their Protect the Reef movement. It's insane the amount of people that don't know what's happening to the Great Barrier Reef, and that's going on right in our backyard. There's a great article by Sirens founder Malia Rouillon in the second issue, definitely worth checking out.

ROAR: We have never stopped loving printed magazines with great content. Where can we get yours? And where can we check your stories and find out about events?

Tidal: We love print too, and that's a major part of Tidal that will never change. With so much focus on the digital age, we think there is still so much value in having a physical piece of work that can be held and treasured. Currently we have a number of stockists on the Sunshine Coast & Brisbane, and will hopefully be expanding this further soon as well. You can also buy Tidal online via our website and we'll ship it out to you! is our little internet home where you can shop and check out all of our online features and editorials. Instagram is probably your best bet for staying in the loop about events and other rad projects.

ROAR: What are some exciting events coming up?

Tidal: We're launching two Sunny Coast labels next month, which will be super exciting. We've also got a big event down in Sydney in the works which we're ridiculously excited for. It's going to be rad to be able to bring Tidal to a whole new audience and connect with some of the creatives down there, the Northern Beaches have some seriously talented young people. 

ROAR: Sounds rad! A big part of what you do is collaborating and supporting young creatives. How has this changed your perception of our society?

Tidal: There is such a movement towards collaborating that's redefining the way everything is being done and it's so rad to see. Some people expect the creative community to be really competitive and isolating but it's exactly the opposite. On the coast in particular, there is so much support within our community, people are so genuinely stoked to see creatives working hard and doing well. It definitely makes you feel proud to be a part of such an amazing part of the world. Collaborating in itself is just such a brilliant concept, people should work together more often.

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