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Samuel Hall: Photographer & Writer

Through the looking glass...

ROAR: It's clear you have a lot of creativity when it comes to both writing and photography. How did these two loves come about for you?

SAMUEL: My parents used to exclaim how un-creative I was throughout my junior years because of how wrapped up I was in my sporting pursuits. Photography was a medium that I was always awkwardly interested in without ever involving myself in and when I blew 2 ligaments out in my knee and ended up with a lengthy recovery process in front of me, I decided to seriously pick up a camera. Throughout this period of recovery I realised that sport was my expression, and I needed to express my emotions and the way I viewed life through different mediums, so I also started writing. 

ROAR: You currently move between the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast. How have these two places influenced your creativity and finding mediums to express yourself and share with others?

SAMUEL: The Sunshine and Gold Coast play a massive part, the two main influences in my life and creative mediums are the environment I’m in and the people I surround myself with. The main aim for myself creatively is to express the world as I see it through my own life, and that is a reflection upon my two homes. The Gold Coast is that really hectic, party and surf lifestyle whereas the Sunshine Coast for me represents the laid back, family and quiet afternoon beer lifestyle. Both are full of incredibly talented up and coming creative cultures that push me every day. 

ROAR: What are some highlights you have achieved with both writing and taking awesome pics?

SAMUEL: Writing is a medium that I haven’t explored much into in terms of public accolades or exposure apart from writing for a few magazines (Tidal Magazine and Delirium Magazine). At this stage I write for personal satisfaction and to sort out what goes through my salt saturated brain and so I guess any time I successfully do that is a highlight. With photography and filming a few of my biggest highlights would be having my latest surf clip recognised and posted on Stabmag and having photos in magazines including Surfing Life. Any time you see your own work immortalised in print it’s an incredible feeling. 

ROAR: Are you looking to make a career out of either or do you just do it for the love? 

SAMUEL: Right now I’m just following my passions because that’s what I love to do and they keep me sane. I would love to make a career out of photography, filming and writing at some stage but until then I’ll live my life because I love it. I would one day love to release a book of my favourite images and some words I’ve put on paper, so I guess that’s the dream. 

ROAR: We also hear your studying to be a physio?! Are you looking to link this with photography and writing once you graduate?

SAMUEL: My dream job would be combining photography and physiotherapy together while working with professional surfers. My goal is to find a surfer/surfers and travel the world filming with them during the day and working on them with injury prevention/coaching/nutrition and other physio based activities during the night. I would love to run a blog about those travels so that others could be inspired to follow their dreams. 

ROAR: What are you most excited about in 2015?

SAMUEL: I’m excited to make new friends, drink cold beers, travel through different countries and be a better version of myself. I’m excited for fresh sheets, warm summer evenings and cold winter mornings. I’m excited for the Quicksilver Pro and uncrowded evening surfs with just friends. I’m genuinely just excited for life. 

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Rhiana Griffith: Artist

Rhiana and her gorgeous daughter Poppy.

Rhiana and her gorgeous daughter Poppy.

This girl blows our artistic mind. Rhiana's gallery is filled with emotional pieces that really send a message. With a style that is raw and honest, it is easy to get lost in her work.  We are thrilled to share a piece of her story with you, we hope you are as inspired as we are.

What contributed to you becoming an artist.

I am an artist by nature. It's natural for me to create, but what contributed to me making a living as an artist I suppose was the support and encouragement I got from my parents and my inability to do things that aren't creative.

What is your goals with your art works.

I don't really think about goals. If anything I think it benefits me to begin a painting with no boundaries. I like to let my hand inform my mind as much as my mind informs my hand. I like to get past my intellect and let the intuitive flow. The results are suprising and revealing to myself. Once I have formed a basic sketch I will then find a strategy to bring it to life on a larger scale but the initial concept is kind of goal free.  I guess the purpose of my art is to express something I'm experiencing through imagery and to share that with others.  Self expression and communication.  My work generally explores emotion and the human condition and embraces many methods of expression. I'm extremely interested in contrast and polarity and conversely unity and connectivity. And of course birds. Birds are this incredibly diverse symbol for me, managing to represent almost anything.

What are a few of your favourite parts of the lifestyle that you live.

I live in Bondi. Even if I don't get to the beach everyday I'm really happy to know it's there. I love the easy access to good organic products and the wonderful community vibe. My favourite part of my lifestyle is raising my daughter Poppy in the best way I can.

How can people purchase your products.

My work is available through the Butler Goode Gallery in Paddington and or make an enquiry via my website to contact me directly regarding stock work or commissions etc. and  Also check me out online through Art Pharmacy

Rhiana's art will be showcased in a Sydney gallery as part of an exhibition called Contemporary Urbanism. The gallery is located at 118 oxford st and will run from Thursday 16th May to Sunday 26th May.

BELOW: Nest, this picture represents something to me about my transformation from girl to woman through motherhood. It's about accepting the weight of responsibility and exploring new inner territory.

Picture 28.png

BELOW: This is one of my darker moments. It's fear. When I initially painted this I thought it was horrible and confronting and I was sure others would feel the same. But by the time I had it hung up at the gallery my feeling toward it had changed and I saw beauty in it. I think when you do look fear in the face you give permission for it to change and have the opportunity to then watch it blossom into a beauty you wouldn't have otherwise seen. And interestingly it was most people's favourite piece from that exhibition.

Picture 27.png

BELOW: Tulip, I just love her pale skin against this blue. I like her mixture of strength and vulnerability. Power in an open heart. 

Picture 30.png

BELOW: Bird, I keep hanging this one up and it never sells which I'm always super relieved about. I think I'm done trying to get it rid of it. The bird stays with me now.

Picture 32.png

Thank you Rhiana, for taking the time to share your passionate lifestyle with us, you are amazing! 


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Adam & Matt: East End Surf and Skate

What a day! Surfed Fraser park, watched Joel Parkinson (current world champion)
Surfing at Merewether which was so good to see live. Then we met Adam and Matt Andrews who have started an alternative surf and skate business in Newcastle which provides a great alternative for the huge hungry corporate surf brands.  You can't help but be overwhelmed with the extensive range they have for sale. We spent the afternoon skateboarding, drinking, chilling out at the front of their rad store. It has a huge range of alternative skateboards, awesome and good prices surfboards as well as quality clothing. They also support the local young talented surfers and skaters. It's just around the corner of the local backpackers so they do a lot of surf lessons too. The feeling of hanging out the front of a sweet surf shop reminded me of the movie Lords of Dogtown. Go say hi to the boys and check out their gear whenever your in Newcatsle next.  DO YOUR SELF A FAVOUR AND CHECK THEIR WEBSITE OUT BELOW!!


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