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Donna: Lekker Collective


Donna: Lekker Collective

I have always said I never wanted to start my own business, but during a 3-month internship at a Sydney based digital PR company, I realised I wanted to join my love of music and PR. Before I knew it, in late 2014, a month before I completed my Communication degree at The University of Newcastle, I set up my digital PR venture Lekker Collective.

Lekker Collective is a venture created to offer musicians a cost-effective opportunity to get their music heard. The idea was to conduct digital campaigns for unknown and emerging artists, with our service focusing most prominently on digital public relations and servicing. Initially I was just doing PR for my boyfriend James Chatburn, and before I knew it I had more and more clients.


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All the artists I’ve worked with have been really inspiring to me, and I am always incredibly excited to start working with them and sharing their music:

James Chatburn is an Australian soul singer, songwriter, and producer. A mixture of soul, blues and indie-electronic music, Chatburn’s foray into a wide spectrum of styles resolves as he delivers a uniquely innovative nu-soul sound. 2015 heralds a move to Berlin, and a series of single releases featuring some of Australia’s young up and coming musicians and producers. 

 Daniel March is one of those rare artists that have a transcendent quality and ability in every element of their music. With songs that intertwine words and melodies into a beautifully textured and intricate fabric, March’s poetic sensitivity, mixed with his genre blending folk and soul infused music, displays a unique talent.

 Wallace who hails from New Zealand, is definitely a vocalist to watch. With a background in jazz and blues, Wallace brings a rich, sensuous tone to her music which is heavily influenced by the likes of Erykah Badu, Little Dragon and Carmen McRae, to name a few.

 Wayfarer// is an upstart producer from Melbourne who's got 3 releases to his name. A product of the burgeoning production and beats scene from Melbourne, he joins the city’s growing output of musician-producers who meld dusty samples with live instrumentation and synths. Wayfarer// creates pieces that range from post-dubstep soundscapes to wonky hip-hop workouts inspired by the J-Dilla school of production.

  Tobiahs has only been producing music for 2 years, but at only 16 years of age, the young producer has already recieved praise for his work, garnering over 100k listens for his George Maple remix.

When it comes to creating music within an electronically controlled realm, there really is no age restriction when you can start to perfect your craft... In the case of the Melbourne based, 15 year-old newcomer, Tobiahs, it's already begun - HillyDilly.

Myami is a Melbourne based singer songwriter, who has crafted her own distinct sound of melodic electro-pop. Drawing inspiration from nostalgic roots of Mariah Carey, TLC and Destiny’s Child, the vocally driven tracks are layered over ambient beats from Melbourne producer, Wayfarer//

 Dusty Boots is the moniker of Jonny Dustow, an Australian teacher, adventurer, and musician. Jonny's greatest inspiration is his wife of 10 years, he writes primarily about their joint love for nature and the outdoors. Through their adventures with Rebel On A Rainbow, camping, surfing, jamming, hiking, exploring, five songs were written based on life by the ocean, simple lifestyles, and finding your way in this world. 

Thanks Donna for sharing and inspiring! It is our pleasure to be able to share your story and what your doing to help emerging artists is truly impressive.