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Eva & Victor: Foreign Natives


Eva & Victor: Foreign Natives

"We are Eva and Victor and we are, originally, from Barcelona. But after living in San Francisco for a year and a half, we decided to move to our custom converted Dodge Ram Van to explore America while keeping our part-time jobs. Traveling and living in a van is something that had always been on our minds, but it's difficult to find the right moment to switch. Now that we are on the road, we absolutely think this is the best decision we have ever made.

During the last six months, we have been traveling around USA and Canada. We are currently in Berlin for two months to work on a project, but we are going back to San Francisco soon to pick up the van again, and we will drive down through Baja California in Mexico, to as far South as we can get.

You can follow our stories at

Victor runs as a competitive mountain and ultra runner. He also surfs whenever we are close to the ocean. Eva paints vans and illustrates a travel journal. Recently, she took a collection of painted vans from our travels and put them into a calendar that we are promoting through a Kickstarter.

Vanlife Illustrated is a project that comes from our road trip. During the last year, we have been taking photos of all the vans that we found on the road. We realized there’s a lot of different types of cars where people live in, from the most classic to the most weird: vans, cars, trucks, RVs, trailers, buses, etc.

So Eva started painting with gouache a set of vans that could express the variety of what we find on our way. The final product is a 2016 calendar, with one illustration for each month. Everything is handmade, even the typography!

She just started a Kickstarter campaign, where you can contribute and get your own beautiful vanlife calendar. You can also get a set of 12 postcards, or buy one of the original paintings. If you are also really proud of your van, Eva can also paint it!

Support us on our Kickstarter:"






Olivia: Don't Tell Summer Presents - #Radlivin


Olivia: Don't Tell Summer Presents - #Radlivin



20 Feb 2016, Sydney - Central Park, Project Space! Purchase Tickets #RadLivin website


#RadLivin is a unique event made to inspire you to do what you love now.

Speakers, live music and rad-like minding people coming together to get inspired, share their dreams and celebrate livin’ life to the raddest. Picture it as a fun, inspiring conference, mixed with a rad, laid-back festival.

The purpose of #RadLivin is to inspire you to do what you would love to do now, rather than waiting for some point in the future. It’s a declaration to live an authentic, rad life. Whether that’s saying yes to going on an adventure that day, or to a dream that’s been sitting in your heart, it’s here as a reminder to do what you love, what completely excites you. It’s about bringing people together to follow their dreams, while encouraging the person next to them to do the same; building not only a community of like-minded people, but a community of advocates for doing what you love.

We’re bringing you down-to-earth, successful speakers who are doing what they love and passionate about inspiring you to do the same. You will hear stripped-back stories about how they went for their dreams and gain applicable knowledge on how you can do what you love too. Speakers include founders of Pedestrian TV, OneWave, One Night Stand, Axel & Ash, Tidal Magazine, Cait Miers and Connie Chapman

After the speakers, there will be live music by Ziggy Alberts and Sons of the East, cold bevies, tasty food and space for you to collaborate, meet rad people, share your ideas and have an epic time. 

Because #RadLivin is all about inspiring you to do what would excite you and connecting you with the right people, we’ve partnered up with brands who are aligned with our purpose including Contiki, ING Dreamstarter and Airbnb. Our hope is to provide attendees with as much inspiration, knowledge and connections that will help them go for their dreams now.

Early bird tickets have gone on sale via

Instagram: @donttellsummer #RadLivin
Instagram: @contiki

Facebook: Contiki Holidays Facebook: ING Direct Australia

Speakers + Live Music instagrams to follow:

@axelandash @caitmiersphotography @connie_chapman @onenightstandsleepwear @tidalmagazine @ziggyalberts @sonsoftheeast

Hats with a purpose! Check it out on their website

Hats with a purpose! Check it out on their website


Cally: Sea Borne Art

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Cally: Sea Borne Art

ROAR: Hey Cally! Let us know about your awesome brand. What is Sea Borne art and who is involved?

Cally: Sea Borne Art: ocean-inspired, sustainable candles hand made in bohemian Bondi. It’s a creative endeavour, up cycling found, preloved and everyday materials into sustainable art. I also stock the amazing sea-inspired art of Bondi locals. Shell art, mandalas and mini-surfboards made from broken boards. Everything is recycled or handmade in Bondi. 

ROAR: We love these ideas! When we met you it sounded so rad how you get your resources and how you transport products to customers. Please share what you do and why!?

Cally: I’m so lucky to live in a suburb that has a huge transient population. Not only is there always a great flow of interesting people, but there is always treasure to be found on the streets! I collect unwanted items, visit second-hand stores and people have even started to bring me bags, wrapping and trinkets to use in the candle-making process. It's a completely green operation - the energy I use to heat the wax is solar powered, and I skateboard deliver to local customers. 

Sea Borne came from a place of wanting to use what we have to make things of beauty, and encourage others to do the same. Be inspired to create! As for the skateboarding deliveries - what better way to get to know your area than to skate around? Plus, it’s a bonus when I can personally deliver a gift! 

ROAR: Skateboard delivery is the best idea! We also heard you have an awesome work space that people always seem to be dropping in to say hi and hang out? Tell us about this creative space.

Cally: Ah yes, the Candlearium! Also known as my garage. It’s such a chill place. When I first moved to this apartment, I had a lot of furniture that couldn’t fit. It ended up in the garage. Then, when I decided to start making candles in the garage, the furniture stayed. So it’s like a mini home, that smells like 200 candles! It’s a little oasis in the back streets of Bondi. What I love is how comfortable people are when they pop in. They plonk down on the couch or come and hover over the back table and chat away as I make candles. I was in the surf today and a girl asked me if I was the one who ‘has the little candle garage’ - stoked that people know the Candlearium! 

ROAR: Awesome community vibes! Congratulations on starting your own business and already gaining a good range of happy customers! Tell us how this idea came to life?

Cally: Oh thanks! I’ve been making candles for about six years - just as gifts for friends. A few people had told me I should sell them, but I didn’t have time, and to be honest it felt a tad strange selling something I had always given away. About a year ago I finished working the 9-5 and had all this time on my hands. While trying to figure out what to do next, I thought I would just literally open the garage, make some candles and see what happened. The gorgeous, generous people in my neighbourhood did the rest! Now I stock local stores, market stalls and have an online Etsy store. It’s been a beautiful organic growth. 

ROAR: Tell us about your thoughts on sustainability and eco friendly products and why it is such a focus for you?

Cally: Sustainability for me, is all about balance - living a fulfilling life, doing it with minimal negative impact on the earth and those around you. My not-so-inner-hippy was raised on a 40ft yacht my father built. My family lived a wholly sustainable (and adventurous) life, visiting pristine places and enjoying nature. We carried our own water, used solar power and didn’t even have a fridge until I was 15. We saw first-hand the devastating damage plastic can have on the ocean, harming the environment and killing animals. I’m grateful to my folks for the insight into our connectedness to and impact on the natural world. But we also lived a good life - I didn’t want for anything and mum taught me how to Op Shop like a pro! So my land-lubber life has been about finding my own balance - living a life where I don’t deprive myself of anything, but also being aware of how my purchasing behaviour can make a difference. 
Sea Borne is an extension of those principals. When researching sustainable candle making, I learnt that many candles are toxic. Lead-dipped wicks and paraffin (from petroleum) wax and synthetic scents. A candle is a delicious luxury for many, and this treat shouldn’t be harmful to you, or the planet. And so I use recycled bags, the wax I use is certified sustainable, cotton wicks and natural scents. And all decorations are found or pre-loved! 
Each of us has the potential to make positive change in the world - by learning where your favourite brand makes it’s clothes, and how those people are treated, to buying the tuna that is hand-caught, so as not to harm dolphins. By supporting the brands, people and products actively trying to do good, we can make a huge difference. 

 ROAR: So you are set up mainly around Bondi and are gaining a really good name for yourself. Are you thinking of expanding and if so where to? We can't wait to get some for the van!!

Cally: Ultimately it would be wonderful to travel around like you and live in the van, make candles, surf and explore… Sea Borne is starting to venture out of Bondi - stocked in yoga studios, organic cafes, and down the coast, a friend is opening a eco burger bar soon, Sea Borne will be lighting up the night there (can’t wait to see that!), and there are plans afoot to travel far and wide to markets spreading the love! Friends are also stocking Sea Borne in their refurbished vintage caravan and hitting the road - will forward you their details - so much happening! Ultimately though I would love to be involved with an art healing organisation - helping others find their creative fire and find peace. 
I would love you to have a candle in the van -  we have a travel candle in our camper van too! Drop in any time - across from 70 Denham Street, Bondi. 
@seaborneart - Instagram
Sea Borne Bondi - Facebook 

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Nat & Dan: Clean Coast Collective


Nat & Dan: Clean Coast Collective

ROAR: How did Clean Coast Collective come to life and who are the founders?

N&D: Clean Coast Collective (CCC) emerged after a number of trips into remote sections of the NSW South coast. We hiked into these locations to find secluded waves, escape the crowds and to feel fully immersed in the coastline. However we began noticing that the further we hiked the more rubbish we found. 

So we started researching the issue and discovered that all this rubbish is called 'marine debris', that it's everywhere and that it's threatening to destroy everything we love about the ocean. We were shocked and one rainy coastal evening we decided we could no longer continue enjoying everything we love about the coastline without giving something back. 

ROAR: That's an awesome way to look at it! What's your purpose and passion with CCC and how can people get involved?

N&D: We have two main purposes with CCC, firstly educate all surfers and beachgoers to the enormity of trash and pollution in our oceans, and secondly to show people that creating a difference and working towards a solution can be really simple. We want to show people that you can live a life that includes removing rubbish from our beaches and reducing waste and plastics in our lives, while still enjoying the coastal lifestyle we all love.  

Fellow salty folk can get in touch with us on instagram (@cleancoastcollective), on Facebook, or on our website ( to find out about upcoming events and projects. Along with blog posts on our clean ups and ways to reduce plastics in your everyday life, our website also includes a directory of all clean up groups we have engaged with across Australia. Visitors can go to the directory and use the interactive map to find their closest clean up crew to lend a hand! 

ROAR: We love your website and can't wait to get some shirts!! Can you tell us a bit about yourselves and your recent adventure.

N&D: After a few months of doing beach clean ups on various beaches on the south coast, we decided that we needed to see how bad things were around the entire Australian coastline, we needed to raise awareness about marine debris on a larger scale, and we needed to support all the amazing people who have been working on this issue for years. The Trash Surfari campaign was born and we took off on an epic six month journey around the entire Australian coastline. 

The journey was an incredible eye opener. Not only did we learn all about our beautiful country and its rich diversity, but we were also blown away by the impact of marine debris on every part of the Australian coastline. Every single beach we visited, no matter how pristine it appeared on first glance, was impacted in some way by marine debris and plastic pollution. On urban beaches we would find litter left behind by beachgoers, and on more remote beaches we would find plastic remnants, micro plastics and large debris, such as oil drums, commercial fishing equipment and fridges! 

ROAR: What an epic adventure! I think most people would be amazed to know isolated beaches still have rubbish on them and how big the issue actually is! How important do you think collaborating with like minded people for a cause is and why?

N&D: Collaboration for us is really important. Since founding CCC we have come to appreciate the power of surrounding ourselves with positive and likeminded people. There is such a great energy that emerges when a group of positive people come together by chance and can share their passions with other likeminded and motivating individuals. We are incredibly impressed and inspired by people that we have met who are following their own path and making their dreams come true, no matter what they are.  
We want to use CCC as a way to collaborate with passionate people and promote their projects. Through our online presence we promote small grassroots groups keeping their strip of their coastline clean - groups that may just be an informal group of friends that meet once a month. Through this we hope to gain these groups more exposure and hopefully encourage others in the area to lend a hand at their events and clean ups. We also collaborate with coastal businesses and artists who, in some way, are promoting cleaner oceans and reduced plastics through their business and art. 

ROAR: What are some exciting programs happening this year?

N&D: Last year we were fortunate to run a very successful crowdfunding campaign through the ING Dreamstarter Program. With these funds we are able to run our 2015 project, the Trash Tribe. The idea for the Trash Tribe project emerged after visiting beaches in remote Cape York during our journey. These beaches, some of Australia's most beautiful and most remote, are incredibly impacted by marine debris. Local rangers spoke to us about heading out to a beach and cleaning up over two tonnes of rubbish, to just return the following week to see that more had floated in. Cape York is an incredible example of just how much rubbish is out in our oceans. 
The Trash Tribe project will take 10 creative, passionate and influential young Australians up to Cape York in July this year to undertake an epic beach clean up over 5 days. In past years, our partner organisation for the clean up, Tangaroa Blue, has removed between 3.5 to 5.5 tonnes of marine debris off a single Cape York beach - all washed ashore from shipping lanes and neighbouring countries. 
For any salties out there interested in applying to be one of the 10 Trash Tribe members, we are accepting applications until midnight 31 March - get in quick to join this epic adventure! 



Mieke Casanova: Wholistic Living

ROAR: Tell us about your background that got you so excited and passionate about your health and wellbeing? Who were some key people who helped instil this love?

MIEKE: Everything about the wellness world just lights me up, so I’ve always known that I wanted to immerse myself in it. It just took me a while to figure out exactly how to go about doing it, and to build up the courage to take the plunge!

It was when I did my level-two yoga teacher training that things finally clicked into place. Everything I was learning just felt so fulfilling, rewarding and soul aligning. It felt so damn good to be devoting myself to this practice, and I knew I could help change people’s lives if I could just focus all my energy into it.

My main influence along this journey was one of my best friends Luci Scarman from Eco Minerals whom I meet in my small local town in South Australia over 13 years ago and today we are still great great friends. She introduced me to spiritualism and I became hooked. I love anything to do with yoga, mediation, healings and astrology. Nothing is to crazy or out there for me, I love it all!

ROAR: You have been a yoga instructor for sometime, but now you have completed more studies in health and have started your own business and awesome website. Tell us how this came to life and what you offer?

MIEKE: After teaching yoga and meditation for a few years I knew that I was on the right path and wanted to continue my studies to help others live an amazing fulfilling life.  Nutrition has always been a passion of mine and I finally took the leap and enrolled at Integrative Nutrition to complete my course in Health and Wellbeing coaching….then my beautiful baby (my website) came to life.  

I work with people to connect with their truth, experience radiant wellness, and to aim to live their life with the complete fulfillment that they’ve always imagined.  You can find out a lot more about what I do and how I do it on  You can also follow me on instagram and Facebook.

ROAR: What is the most important part to focus on when it comes to our general health?

MIEKE: I think there’s three aspects to look at to maintain general health; nutrition, mind and exercise. The food we eat impacts us on many different levels from physical, energetically and cellular to name a few; therefore its important to focus on a clean wholesome diet. My diet and philosophy focuses on lean protein, good fats, whole grains, nuts, and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Cutting back on all processed, junk, fast food is really important to having a healthful vibrant lifestyle and to delete disease, aches, pains and fatigue.

As well as having a clean wholesome diet, it’s really important to get your body moving and to incorporate a self-care or meditation practice.  A regular meditation practice can help calm your mind and bring you back down to earth, to make you feel grounded and connected, it beings clarity to things and puts things in perspective. I LOVE meditation!!

ROAR: What are some things you are really excited about in 2015?

MIEKE: There’s a lot of exciting things for 2015!! Its all about collaborating, connecting and spreading the positive vibes.  I’m collaborating with a few people at the moment to bring some exciting new events and workshops.  I’m currently working with Bright Side of Living to bring a supportive network for small business owners. I’m also collaborating with Sam Foster to create mindfulness workshop filled with yoga, meditation, nutrition tips and a yummy food. I’ve also just started managing a yoga and Pilates studio 'The Bodyroom' in Varsity Lakes which is awesome fun.