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Ziggy Alberts: Musician & Free Surfer


Ziggy Alberts: Musician & Free Surfer

An Artist and a Gentleman

There is a magical place on the East Coast of Australia where scores of dreamers and doers congregate.  Soaked in creativity and teeming with life, the vibrant little town, known as Byron Bay, has transformed from the once small surf tribe of the 70s, 80s, and 90s, into an awe-inspiring network of talented and creative souls. Photographers, musicians, artists, writers; artisans, inventors, athletes and adventurers all seeking to shine a light on the beauty that is both around and within.

You don’t need to be in Byron for long before you realise that what truly sets this place apart is that every soul who dwells there seems propelled by a heartbeat of gratitude and anticipation. To quote what this ROAR community is about, the people in Byron that I’ve met and inhaled life with have found what it means to be “passionately living”.

In a place overflowing with charisma and talent, you’d think it would be near impossible to find your niche. But in this culture, and where collaboration is key, what makes an artist stand out is more than just their creativity or skill; what makes a soul really shine, is the light that’s coming from within.

Ziggy Alberts is one such soul.

Aside from a fascinating name, Ziggy is a gifted surfer and talented writer, hailing from the Sunshine Coast, and now settled in Byron Bay. Ziggy picked up a guitar in 2011, taught himself how to play, and in three short years has become a well-known, and well-loved artist both here in Australia, and overseas. Having toured with the likes of Ash Grunwald, Nick Saxon Benjalu, Daniel Champagne, and more; and wooing crowds into a dancing frenzy at some of Australia’s biggest music festivals (Bluesfest, Splendour in the Grass), Ziggy’s smooth voice, impressive musicianship, and captivating lyrics are fast making him an artist you can’t, and definitely don't want to miss.

This year, I was fortunate enough to get to know Ziggy, during a recent tour of the West Australia coast with Nick Saxon, for which he was the opening artist; and in our weeklong adventure, I experienced a musician, writer, and creative soul with talent that outshines many who have gone before him, but most inspiringly, a guy who seems to have the recipe for contentment entwined within his DNA.

At 19 years old (that’s right, he’s only 19), Ziggy will be the first to admit that he knows he has a long way to go in music. His hunger is evident in how fervently he embraces every platform he is afforded, and how hard he works to bring his heartfelt stories to life. But beyond being a humble and spirited musician, he is passionate about life as a whole, as a circle, as a miraculous and universal gift. It’s inspiring to be around, and one of the key ingredients to understanding where his impressive music comes from.

Spend half a day walking around with Ziggy and you will soon discover his secret. He is passionate about people, and the way humanity, at its core, pulsates with a heartbeat fuelled of hope, wonder, and love. 

To put it plainly, Ziggy Alberts is just an all-round rad dude! He is an avid environmentalist, passionate to see mankind take better care of our blue and green dot in the solar system. He’s a jokester, a wordsmith, and indeed a ladies man. Glance side-stage at any of his shows and the throngs of fan-crazy females pining for a pic with the blonde-locked wonder-boy is evidence enough that we’ll be seeing, hearing, and delighting in his tunes and stories for a long time yet.

2015 is set to reach new heights for Ziggy with the release of his third album in the New Year. Previous EP releases, “Feels Like Home” (2012), and “Made of Water” (2013), brought energy and soul to the Indie/Folk music genre, and if the lyrics below are anything to go by, this next album, a full-length debut, is destined to spend most of next year being played on repeat, the world over.

Land & Sea” releases January 1st, 2015, on iTunes or via his website,

Until then, scroll down to read some of the lyrics and be on the countdown. I know I am.

Website:   |   Instagram: @ziggyalberts   |   Facebook:

The Ocean Song (Simple Things)

NOVEMBER 03, 2014

Shake the cold from your toes, and let the east coast walk you home, shake the cold from your heart, if at all, and let it fall, it takes a lot to make a heart a home to love and it takes a lot to love your own, but I didn’t even get your name when you walked on by, but I held your eyes so you held mine, hoping you would stop so I could ask you the simple things –

Do you love the ocean and could you love the ocean with me,

Used To

NOVEMBER 03, 2014

Been waking up here to blue skies, been waking up just a little too tired but I am,
still learning how to switch off, been relying on my coffee just a little too much,
nineteen but my eyes have grown old, people ask me why my bones don’t show,
I said this youth is something that I’ve earned,
I said this youth is something that I’ve learnt to love,
Two sides to a candle, two sides to a candle, being burnt,

Cold ground with no shoes on, my old van in your front yard,
Making love to you all night long, running my lips along your outlines,
Waking up to the morning light with you by my side, these are,
These are the things that I want to get used to,
And you are someone that I want to get used to,

Hands I Can Hold

NOVEMBER 03, 2014

So keep the things we can’t breathe without, and I’ll seek a woman like you,
& we’ll reach for hands with which I can learn, & we will keep these,
Hands I can hold I can hold,

Written by AMY HANNA
Story-teller | Noise-maker | Laugher | Adventurer
twitter: @amymhanna1 | instagram: @amymhanna



Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

Whilst exploring the streets of New York City around Union Square Park, we couldn't believe our ears and eyes when we came across the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble. These guys, originally from Chicago were jamming right out the front of 'Wholefoods' on one of the main streets in Manhatten. They were ridiculously tight, funky, hip annd epic. Growing up playing Saxophone I couldn't believe the level of talent and I was so inspired I went straight to the ATM got some money and purchased their album on the spot.  

Thinking it would be sweet to share this amazing little family band on our website we went back to our apartment in East Village and I did some more research. Little did I know the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble are a world wide hit. Just to give you a taste of their talent they have hundreds of thousands of You Tube views on their clips, a music song soundtrack to The Hunger Games movie MUSIC CLIP INCLUDED BELOW, recorded a song with Gorillaz off their album 'Plastic Beach' and have performed with well known artists such as Mos Def, De La Soul, Prince and many more. When artists of this level still come back to the streets and perform in local communities for passers by, it really shows their true colours and love for music and the local people. Thank you for the amazing tunes guys, highlight of our trip to NY for sure! 

Be sure to check out more from this amazing band through the link below.