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Llyse & Allie: Hrvst St.


Llyse & Allie: Hrvst St.

ROAR: Hey ladies where and who is involved in Hrvst St.?

HRVST: Hrvst St. consists of two Brisbane locals, Llyse Filipuzzi + Allie Harris 

ROAR: For those of us a bit behind the eight ball on juices can you tell us about Cold pressed juice and what makes Hrvst St. so special!?

HRVST: Haha don't be so hard on yourself, ok, I'll explain / we use a commercial grade hydraulic press machine which presses gently + completely extracts all the natural goodness, vitamins, minerals, enzymes + other vital elements. Cold pressing is a method of juicing that enables the juice to be bottled (without preservatives) and allows it to hold a shelf life of 4-5 days. So a simple way of putting it is, Hrvst St cold pressed juice is a raw/fresh/unpasteurised jar of goodness! We believe, juice should NEVER be pasteurised, ever. A lovely customer described our juice as 'Victoria's Secret in a jar', having feedback like that proves to us that we have created a beautiful, clean, sexy drop!

ROAR: Congratulations on starting your own business and already gaining a good range of happy customers! Tell us how this idea came to life?

HRVST: Ahhh thanks guys! Over the last few months we have been taking our business step by step and keeping the brand super clean and simple! We put it out there on social media a month prior to launching to see what kind of response we would get and were quite overwhelmed with the immediate positive interest that was generated. From there we have listened to what our audience is looking for in a Cold Pressed juice and are slowly building our brand trying to have something that appeals to everyone in some way or another. We saw a gap in the market for a unique branded product to support small local business' that wasn't a product of a big supermarket chain and that is how Hrvst St has come about.

ROAR: Can you give us a couple of challenges and also some highlights you have had so far in starting your own business? 

HRVST: Starting your own business has a few interesting little things that pop up along the way that's for sure! I guess the challenge of that would be both working other full time jobs + running a business full time is alot harder than we thought it would be, having that work/life balance can be quite challenging. 

The highlights have certainly outweighed the challenges though - we have received overwhelming support from other small local business' which has been amazing. The extremely positive feedback we have received from random people who have tried our product keeps our hearts smiling also. 

ROAR: So you are set up in Brisbane and are gaining a really good name for yourself. Are you thinking of expanding and if so where too? We can't wait to get some!!

HRVST: Thanks! Yes, all set up in Brisbane! We do have a couple of little things up our sleeves but we can't go into too much detail..... We are super passionate about supporting young, up + coming artists, and are working on a project as we speak. 

Lovely chatting with you, Jonny + Jess / Thanks for doing awesome things!
Much love, Allie + Llyse X

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