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Jordan Power: Audio Engineer/Producer

Pic by Jane Rantail

Pic by Jane Rantail

ROAR: What inspired you to become an audio engineer? Who supported you along the way in this dream?

JORDAN: I always wanted to get into the music industry, even while I was still at school. I used to love listening to music and was always curious why some tracks made you feel awesome and others were almost unbearable. I guess overall what inspired me was the possibility of helping create some of those tracks that make people feel awesome. haha. 

I have had a lot of support along the way from a lot of different people. Initially, my folks were super supportive of me when it came to making a decision of what to do when I finished school. I actually started out studying civil engineering at uni but hated it, and they were completely supportive of me trying my hand at music from there. The australian recording industry is incredibly supportive of each other also. In my earlier days, I definitely got a helping hand from some great Australian producers/engineers and musicians. 

ROAR: Have you always loved music from a young age? What are 5 of your favorite bands?

JORDAN: Music was always a huge part of my childhood. My parents would always be cranking some Rolling Stones, Led Zepellin, Beatles, Travelling Wildburys, that kind of thing, so it was a pretty good grounding to get into music at an early age. It was awesome to have the opportunity to get into it so early.

My favourite bands are always changing! There are a couple of staples that I have have listened to forever and still get a high rotation at home. Paul Kelly and The Gin Club have been favourites for years. They both always have got a track (or a swag of tracks) for any mood. As a listener I connect with the stories in songs, and like the music to reflect that, rather than being a polished production all the time. Other favourites at the moment would be Jake Bugg, Violent Soho and Chilly Gonzales. Gonzales in particular has pretty much been on repeat everyday for the last few months!

ROAR: What was the breakthrough moment for you to becoming successful? What are some highlights or amazing people or jobs you have been involved with?

JORDAN: There wasn't really a breakthrough moment I guess. It was more like a gradual climbing the ranks kind of thing. I started out making coffee and doing whatever was required of me at Studios 301 in Sydney, then became an assistant engineer, then an engineer, then producer. I've built up a great list of credits, and been involved in some amazing projects. It's been more like a whole heap of breakthrough moments!

I've been lucky enough to have worked with some great artists so far. Over the last couple of years I've had the pleasure of recording with Angus Stone on both his solo album and the new Angus and Julia Stone album, recorded albums with Karnivool, The Living End and Xavier Rudd. I have also worked with Lady Gaga on two of her albums, Bruce Springsteen's latest album and some yet to be released material from U2. They're all highlights really.  Also recorded and mixed the new MT WARNING album which was a really fun one.

ROAR: For a young person wanting to get into to audio what would be some advice you could offer?

JORDAN: Get into a studio as early as possible! Study is great and gives you a good grounding, but there is nothing like being on a recording session to learn how it all works. Even if it is as an intern to start with, it's a great environment to be around if you want to become an engineer or producer.

ROAR: What's in store for 2015?

JORDAN: Plenty planned for 2015! Heading to Texas for SXSW in March, then producing an album on a ranch outside of Austin for a few weeks which should be interesting. I've also got a couple of Albums and EP's already booked in for this year so I'm looking forward to getting stuck into those.

Link to follow! Studio301profilelink

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The Septembers: Band

ROAR introduced you to the beautiful voice of Donna Arendse when we featured her folk duo Riley & Donna. Through following this wonderful artist we are excited to share her next progression as a musician.  'The Septembers' is an amazing group including the creative powers of both James Chatburn and Donna.  Donna is focusing on songwriting and James who is a well known singer songwriter from Newcastle is exploring his creativity as a producer. This has resulted in their self-produced debut single, Riverbed. With heavy influences from Little Dragon and Bonobo, think reverb electric guitar, sharp beats, eerie backing vocals, and mellow soul vibes. What more could you ask for?! Riverbed was released in December 2013 and has already captured the attention of local and national radio stations, having had a number of plays on both Triple J Unearthed, and Triple J, as well as community radio stations. Listen to this epic song by clicking on this link Riverbed - Triple J listen The name of the group was inspired by the legacy of Donna's great aunt, South African anti-apartheid political activist Dulcie September. 

You can keep up to date with everything 'The Septembers' are doing with gigs, pics, clips and music by clicking on and saving their links to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Soundcloud. Please also take the time to listen and review their music on Triple J Unearthed.

We took the time to chat about what they are up to at the moment.

ROAR: How has it been focusing on songwriting and having full control of creativity with your music?

Septembers: Well, it's awesome/liberating/exciting, but also daunting at the same time. Being in 'Riley and Donna' for over two years, I always had someone to bounce ideas off. Embarking on a project that is all my own is scary as you sometimes wonder if people will like your music.  Luckily I reeled in James Chatburn as the producer, so he has helped me an enormous amount with getting my confidence back, and pushed me creatively, trying to get me to write and practice instruments etc. 

ROAR: Riverbed is an exceptional first song and obviously received awesome feedback. When can we expect to hear some more music from you guys?

Septembers: Haha well, that is the question on our lips too. I am currently about to start my third and final year of uni, as well as pretty much working full time as a Youth Worker and doing two days at an internship in Sydney every week. I try to write when I have some time, but it's getting crazy and the only time I have to write is whilst driving somewhere. I end up recording it on my phone and then forgetting about it! We will hopefully release some more music in the next few months.

ROAR: Recently your song 'Riverbed' was played on Triple J radio which is pretty much every Australian musicians dream. How does it feel to get some recognition from the most famous radio station in the country?

Septembers: It feels bloody amazing! I didn't even know we were going to be played. I was at work one day and a couple of my friends texted me saying "You're on Triple J right now!" I thought it was a joke at first! James and I were both ecstatic!

ROAR: When and where can we see some live music from 'The Septembers'?

Septembers: Again, we hope soon, but we can't make any promises. A big part of the strategy I am trying to employ is to try and do targeted gigs. The problem with Newcastle is that the venues for original music are quite limited. I think we may not start gigging for a while, we first have to get a band together as at the moment it is just James and myself. When we do our first gig, we want to be well prepared, we want it to be cool and we want to do it in a venue with awesome sound. We don't just want to gig for the sake of gigging - people become sick of you if you oversaturate the place with too many gigs. So I guess we will have to wait for a lull in our schedules before we do our first gig. 

ROAR: Now that you have some recognition and momentum, what is the plan for the rest of this year?

Septembers: I plan on writing as much as time will allow. Then our first point of action would be to release another song. But this time there will be some marketing building up to the release, we will send out some media releases and try and do it properly. Riverbed was just myself, James and the computer. We may get more instruments and get a band together for other recordings. I think we will then try and work on a live show, practice and make it interesting and different. James and I are hoping to move overseas in the near future, so our first gig could be our farewell gig, who knows.



Vibes on The Green

We had an intimate gathering for our final Vibes on the Green for 2013. The music was great, we had everything from spanish style guitar, originals pieces, classic covers and an instrumental jam. It was so nice to just lay out your picnic blanket and chairs and let the sweet tunes entertain and relax you. Throughout the day, Jack and Harry, some of the Central Coasts funkiest artists, transformed a car into a work of art. They used spray paint to turn a bleak old hatch into a colourful and fun car to drive. This event is a place for the local arts community to come together and support each other and share their talents with friends, family and other locals. It has been such a successful event and we at ROAR love supporting Jai from Munjang Adventures in any way we can. We look forward to more art and music collaborations in 2014!




Ron Artis Family Band


Jess and I were out long boarding at Waikiki, Hawaii and we could hear sweet tunes floating from the beach across the ocean. Paddling in we saw the Ron Artis Family band doing their thing for a local Surfing competition. This band blew us away! With nothing but positive lyrics and funky beats this family of 11 children give you everything from reggae, funk, hip hop, jazz to punk. They have so much enthusiasm and offer a great live experience with every member having the gift of epic vocals and the ability to play multiple instruments. ROAR is so pleased to share this original and independent band and their links with you. We had the opportunity to chat to a few of the members and their amazing mother Victoria. They are so genuine and have the kindest hearts. This band is passionate, inspiring and love sharing their god given talents to uplift and bring joy to others. 


We have also added two of their awesome music clips, so check them out!!

Get behind this band and support their music through the links below. Jump on their face book and give them a like so you can keep up to date and hopefully see one of their live concerts.



Vibes on the Green: Music & Arts Event


We folks at ROAR spent some time brainstorming together with our cousin Amy and the Co-founders of Munjang Adventures  (Jai & Josh) whilst surfing and sipping lattes on The Black Cats East Coast 2013 music tour. One of our key focus points was planning and supporting community projects or events that promote and inspires local creative talent in the areas of art, music and surf/skate culture. We are also passionate about encouraging our youth in making positive life choices and being responsible for their environment and surroundings.  

We started out with organising back yard afternoon jams, after a day at the beach, in our local area on the Central Coast, NSW, Australia. These were called 'Munjang Rebel' Back Yard Jams, which involved some talented artists creating art projects whilst musicians provided some tunes and of course we had a tasty BBQ!

Regrouping after a successful jam we had an enthusiastic debrief and decided that there was opportunity to grow our event in the wider community. Jai fortunately ran into a local Council worker (Janette) at a local Cafe from Greater Toukley Vision (this organisation supports growth and popularity of local businesses in Toukley) and she responded with support of our ideas and passion.

Through this opportunity 'Vibes on the Green' was created and we were back at the ipads and laptops going through our creative social networks organising musicians and artists to share their talents with our community. Our goal is to make this event a well known music and arts day for the coast, where we all come together with like minded creative people and support and encourage each other.