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Llyse & Allie: Hrvst St.


Llyse & Allie: Hrvst St.

ROAR: Hey ladies where and who is involved in Hrvst St.?

HRVST: Hrvst St. consists of two Brisbane locals, Llyse Filipuzzi + Allie Harris 

ROAR: For those of us a bit behind the eight ball on juices can you tell us about Cold pressed juice and what makes Hrvst St. so special!?

HRVST: Haha don't be so hard on yourself, ok, I'll explain / we use a commercial grade hydraulic press machine which presses gently + completely extracts all the natural goodness, vitamins, minerals, enzymes + other vital elements. Cold pressing is a method of juicing that enables the juice to be bottled (without preservatives) and allows it to hold a shelf life of 4-5 days. So a simple way of putting it is, Hrvst St cold pressed juice is a raw/fresh/unpasteurised jar of goodness! We believe, juice should NEVER be pasteurised, ever. A lovely customer described our juice as 'Victoria's Secret in a jar', having feedback like that proves to us that we have created a beautiful, clean, sexy drop!

ROAR: Congratulations on starting your own business and already gaining a good range of happy customers! Tell us how this idea came to life?

HRVST: Ahhh thanks guys! Over the last few months we have been taking our business step by step and keeping the brand super clean and simple! We put it out there on social media a month prior to launching to see what kind of response we would get and were quite overwhelmed with the immediate positive interest that was generated. From there we have listened to what our audience is looking for in a Cold Pressed juice and are slowly building our brand trying to have something that appeals to everyone in some way or another. We saw a gap in the market for a unique branded product to support small local business' that wasn't a product of a big supermarket chain and that is how Hrvst St has come about.

ROAR: Can you give us a couple of challenges and also some highlights you have had so far in starting your own business? 

HRVST: Starting your own business has a few interesting little things that pop up along the way that's for sure! I guess the challenge of that would be both working other full time jobs + running a business full time is alot harder than we thought it would be, having that work/life balance can be quite challenging. 

The highlights have certainly outweighed the challenges though - we have received overwhelming support from other small local business' which has been amazing. The extremely positive feedback we have received from random people who have tried our product keeps our hearts smiling also. 

ROAR: So you are set up in Brisbane and are gaining a really good name for yourself. Are you thinking of expanding and if so where too? We can't wait to get some!!

HRVST: Thanks! Yes, all set up in Brisbane! We do have a couple of little things up our sleeves but we can't go into too much detail..... We are super passionate about supporting young, up + coming artists, and are working on a project as we speak. 

Lovely chatting with you, Jonny + Jess / Thanks for doing awesome things!
Much love, Allie + Llyse X

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Mieke Casanova: Wholistic Living

ROAR: Tell us about your background that got you so excited and passionate about your health and wellbeing? Who were some key people who helped instil this love?

MIEKE: Everything about the wellness world just lights me up, so I’ve always known that I wanted to immerse myself in it. It just took me a while to figure out exactly how to go about doing it, and to build up the courage to take the plunge!

It was when I did my level-two yoga teacher training that things finally clicked into place. Everything I was learning just felt so fulfilling, rewarding and soul aligning. It felt so damn good to be devoting myself to this practice, and I knew I could help change people’s lives if I could just focus all my energy into it.

My main influence along this journey was one of my best friends Luci Scarman from Eco Minerals whom I meet in my small local town in South Australia over 13 years ago and today we are still great great friends. She introduced me to spiritualism and I became hooked. I love anything to do with yoga, mediation, healings and astrology. Nothing is to crazy or out there for me, I love it all!

ROAR: You have been a yoga instructor for sometime, but now you have completed more studies in health and have started your own business and awesome website. Tell us how this came to life and what you offer?

MIEKE: After teaching yoga and meditation for a few years I knew that I was on the right path and wanted to continue my studies to help others live an amazing fulfilling life.  Nutrition has always been a passion of mine and I finally took the leap and enrolled at Integrative Nutrition to complete my course in Health and Wellbeing coaching….then my beautiful baby (my website) came to life.  

I work with people to connect with their truth, experience radiant wellness, and to aim to live their life with the complete fulfillment that they’ve always imagined.  You can find out a lot more about what I do and how I do it on  You can also follow me on instagram and Facebook.

ROAR: What is the most important part to focus on when it comes to our general health?

MIEKE: I think there’s three aspects to look at to maintain general health; nutrition, mind and exercise. The food we eat impacts us on many different levels from physical, energetically and cellular to name a few; therefore its important to focus on a clean wholesome diet. My diet and philosophy focuses on lean protein, good fats, whole grains, nuts, and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Cutting back on all processed, junk, fast food is really important to having a healthful vibrant lifestyle and to delete disease, aches, pains and fatigue.

As well as having a clean wholesome diet, it’s really important to get your body moving and to incorporate a self-care or meditation practice.  A regular meditation practice can help calm your mind and bring you back down to earth, to make you feel grounded and connected, it beings clarity to things and puts things in perspective. I LOVE meditation!!

ROAR: What are some things you are really excited about in 2015?

MIEKE: There’s a lot of exciting things for 2015!! Its all about collaborating, connecting and spreading the positive vibes.  I’m collaborating with a few people at the moment to bring some exciting new events and workshops.  I’m currently working with Bright Side of Living to bring a supportive network for small business owners. I’m also collaborating with Sam Foster to create mindfulness workshop filled with yoga, meditation, nutrition tips and a yummy food. I’ve also just started managing a yoga and Pilates studio 'The Bodyroom' in Varsity Lakes which is awesome fun.


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Tim & Annabel: Surfcoast Wholefoods


We never miss an opportunity to stock our van pantry with yummy organic treats. When we heard about Surfcoast Wholefoods we knew we had to pay them a visit. As soon as you walk in you are met with smiling faces and a huge range of fresh fruit and veggies, plus shelves stocked with organic muesli, nut butters, herbs, chocolate and vitamins. They also have books and an in store health clinic for those wanting a more in depth health chat.

Surfcoast Wholefoods is a fresh new take on your average health food store, it's now our go-to in Tourquay, a place where you can sit down and enjoy one of their amazing juices, coffees and yummy lunch treats. Then shop up a storm, stocking up on fresh grapes, kale or chocolate. If you are in Torquay or even if your not, get there, it is so worth visiting this vibing market and cafe.


How did Surfcoast Wholefoods come to life?

Tim and I have both had a strong passion for healthy living and organics for a long time, but it was the birth of our first child that made us realise we wanted to devote our lives to living healthier and raising our children in the best environment possible. From this came a desire to share this information with as many around us as possible, so coupled with a desire to live by the ocean we looked for the place that seemed to need this type of store the most (& the place we wanted to live the most!)… and here we are!

What are some of the most important goals of your company?

Educating others by sharing our passion of healthy eating and living, and our love and respect for the environment. We hope to inspire people to make shifts towards living harmoniously with their bodies and their environment, to make conscious purchases that support both of these elements, and to live to their fullest potential.

What are some special attributes that make your business unique or different to other cafe's?

We use only certified organic produce and source as much as possible from local farmers. We offer foods for a range of food sensitivities and 'diets' such as gluten free, processed sugar free, dairy free, grain free and predominantly vegetarian / vegan. We also have a selection of Raw foods, which means food that is not heated beyond 45c, to maintain the maximum levels of nutrients and enzymes (the favourites are the raw "cheesecakes" which are all dairy and sugar free).

What were some of the greatest challenges getting Surfcoast Wholefoods off the ground?

It's a massive change in career paths for both of us, given that we've never run or owned a shop of any kind before, so there's been plenty of learning curves all round really. But thankfully we've had such amazing support from the local community who have literally welcomed us with open arms and been very forgiving for any initial oversights or mishaps we may have had!

What does the future hold for Surfcoast Wholefoods?

Expansion and lots of fine tuning! Our cafe menu is expanding by the week and doesn't look ready to settle down anytime soon. As are all the products we stock on the floor, it's amazing where we find the space to keep bringing in more! We're also holding more events such as educational movie nights, workshops and cooking demonstrations and more, as we focus more on becoming the health hub and educational centre that we truly hope to be.

Tim and another happy customer.

Tim and another happy customer.

Jess getting her dark chocolate fix sorted.

Jess getting her dark chocolate fix sorted.


Get on the health train and check out their website and Facebook. If you can't make it to the store, they will deliver their products to you. Check them out through the links below.

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