ROAR: How did you get a love for art? Who inspired or nurtured your talents and creativity

MAKU: I guess this would be down to my family. We are all pretty creative and we all love to pick up a pen or a paintbrush. Our styles are each worlds apart, which is pretty cool. I used to envy that my sister was so good at drawing and she would always tell me 'its just because I'm older you'll get good one day' 

I think initially my mum nurtured our creativity. She would frame all of our drawings and hand them up in around the house. Actually she hung them all on the walls in our bathroom so I guess we spent a lot of time sitting in there looking at the drawings and paintings haha.

ROAR: We love your style, it covers so many genres, was this a natural progression?

MAKU: Yeah definitely a natural progression and it took me a long time to come into my own style... For a long time I was heavily influenced by street artists and Japanese pop art, cartoon style stuff and my work was not what I would call original. I think now I've found a style that suits me. It has that rebellious, free sort of feeling to it. So yeah I still have that love for real street art style, I guess my style and taste has just evolved into something more of my own. 

ROAR: Are you looking to make a career or lifestyle through art? If so, how are you going to achieve this?

MAKU: That's the Dream! I'm not putting too much pressure on myself to make a career out of it. I'm enjoying it for now and if I get the opportunity to do more I will always go for it because it makes me happy!

ROAR: What have been some highlights along your journey as an artist?

MAKU: I guess an obvious highlight would be working for Rusty, in less than 3 months of putting my art out there to the world I had this massive brand contact me. I never expected it. 

Getting on the Block NZ was  a huge surprise but honestly I'm just blown away on a daily basis, that people are finding my work and appreciating what I do. There's nothing better than producing a piece of work and having other people understand it and love it. Some even so much, they have gotten them tattooed! Very cheesy I know but its humbling to say the least. 

ROAR: Who is your favorite artist and why?

MAKU: I have a few -
Josh Meyer - Just a rad dude and I genuinely love his art work. 
Jamie Brown - PUNS! I love any art to do with puns and not to mention its just freakin cool.
Abby Drielsma - Tattoo artist. Her attention to detail is incredible.
Prudence Caroline - Drips and colour. Her work is just stunning and bold. 
And Otis Carey - Love the relaxed vibe of his work.
Georgia O'keefe - Probably the first artist I remember falling in love with as a kid. 
Oh one more! Andrei Svetov - Tattoo artist. Just the most rad concepts. 

ROAR: What are some of your other inspirations such as music, traveling, surfing?

MAKU: Snowboarding, Music, Traveling. Music mostly I would say.

ROAR: Any exciting things happening in the Near future?

MAKU: My sister is having her first baby. I get to follow up that amazing event with a solo exhibition in March 2014 at the Brunswick Street Gallery. I'm hoping it will kick start a year of big things. The rest of the projects will be unveiled over the next few months. Exciting new collaborations!

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