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Katie Sadie: The Trip About Nothing


Hey there, 

I am a working photographer living in Toronto, Ontario. For the past 6 years I have primarily photographed fashion and portraiture- this is all about to change. I have successfully moved out of my studio to hit the road. My adventure will last 6 months living in a van to develop a massive street and documentary photo essay.  Right now I am working 3 jobs and couch surfing to save up as much as possible before the November departure date. I have also launched an Indiegogo - The Trip About Nothing to help fund the van, some gas and of course film. 

I biked around the city with Plastik Films for the video portion of my Indiegogo to see what kind of vans Toronto adventure seekers were representing. Right now I am still on the hunt for the adventure mobile of my dreams. It is not a simple task but I know that my van is out there somewhere!

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Instagram: @tripaboutnothing #tripaboutnothing. 



Servio & Annie: Akela Surf


It was really nice to get to know Servio and Annie through our Rebel on a Rainbow website. They have started their own Surf brand, Akela Surf, in Montreal. They get a lot of inspiration from surf trips to Barbados. We love to share creative ideas and we are pleased to provide an insight from these two inspiring people into starting and running your own brand and business. 


ROAR: How did you start a surf brand in Montreal? Who were the main people involved?

AKELA: We started our Surf Brand 'Akela' in Montréal basically cause we were stuck here during the winter, Annie was pregnant and it was good timing to start this business that we always wanted to do. So far, the company is only us, and now Kaiko our baby boy, we also have other people that we work with in collaboration, located in France, Spain, Florida and Hawaii. We are always open to meet people and to work in collaboration with them.

ROAR: Where do you travel for your surf adventures and why?

AKELA: We travel to Barbados, because the surf is good there, it's not too crowded, weather is nice of course and its easy to get around. We still have to walk 2 km to the surf spot but it's worth it and it's a little adventure!

ROAR: What are some of the challenges in running a surf brand?

AKELA: Managing everything and keeping focused on what is important. It is challenging to get our name out there and get our products in the stores. It is a lot of work to build good relationships with our clients.

ROAR: What are some highlights of your business adventures so far?

AKELA: We are starting to get ready for the surf expo in Orlando, for Jan 2014. So it's a fun and exciting time to get our brand more well known.

Check out more radness from these two and their awesome brand, Akela Surf through the link

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