I've been a Physiotherapist since 2007 and have taught pilates since 2009. I knew I wanted to help people and become a Physiotherapist from about the age of 15. As a Physiotherapist I have treated women with incontinence issues and taught them how to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. I also taught pregnancy pilates classes in the hope of preventing incontinence and allowing women to prepare as best they could for their pregnancy and labour. It was really heartbreaking seeing these women who didn’t know there was anything they could do to prevent complications and feeling like surgery was their only option. I realised I could reach people on a far greater scale if I brought what I knew to an online platform. Hence I have started my website Perfect Pelvic Floor. Pregnant women can sign up and have access to pelvic floor exercises, leg strengthening, stretches, posture advice and loads of labour and pregnancy tips. The best thing about it is they can access the video’s in their own home! 

My clients and patients are the ones that inspired me to start my business to help reach out to them and give them the tools to create a better life for themselves. This is who I am! I've recently moved to the north NSW coast from Sydney to create a better life for myself, where I can enjoy the beach and the sunshine, and find that elusive balance in life. I grew up in a tiny town near Bathurst but I've always believed that I could reach whatever goal I set for myself and I do become very determined in the process. The biggest challenge with starting Perfect Pelvic Floor has been learning a new skill set in design and online marketing. It's been difficult at times but fun and I'm grateful I'm challenging myself and learning something new everyday. The first highlight of starting my business was seeing the website for the first time after giving what I had hoped was clear direction on what I wanted and it being just that. Secondly, was when I sold my first program! It made all the hard work worthwhile.