ROAR: What is 'The Apparel Collective' and who is involved?

T&C: The Apparel Collective is our lifestyle... or a brand that allows us our lifestyle. Haha. There's myself (Tarsh), Jase (Cuzzie) and Byron (our Palm Beach store manager). Jase and I started The Apparel Collective in 2013 after a string of pop up stores around the area. We popped up in Freshwater and loved it so much we stayed. It's a store that offers an eclectic mix of fashion,art, antiques and boards.

ROAR: We love your style and every time we are in Freshwater we love dropping in. When you go about setting up your store what thoughts come to mind to add a vibe and culture that make people want to hang out?

T&C: The store has really grown into what it is today quite organically. We set out to create a space that we would want to hang out in and somewhere we would want to shop. The vibe is very much a reflection of us and the stuff we love. The local vibe of Freshie has definitely influenced the store with a lot of the art, antiques and small brands
coming from the locals.

ROAR: Starting a business is challenging and it is clear that you are doing very well with two stores in Australia in a short amount of time. What are a couple of challenges and also some highlights so far?

T&C: The challenge and the highlights are kinda the same for us... having never initially set out to be a permanent retail store I think our biggest challenge has been in learning as we go...everything has been new to us and so we learn as we go, this has also been a bit of an
asset to us as we're not stuck in our ways about how things 'should be.' The highlight has been creating a business that we enjoy and that allows us to travel and go exploring, surfing and snowboarding for a good chunk of the year!

ROAR: You both obviously love travel and the whole lifestyle that goes with skate, surf, snowboarding gear. What has been your number one adventure and why?

T&C: Umm...thats a tough question but the number one adventure (which is now more of an annual one) is Snowboarding in the Japanese backcountry.

ROAR: What are some exciting things in the future your working toward with your brand?

T&C: Lots of exciting things on the horizon...we're just about to launch a studio space called Los Amigo Studios with a buddy of ours along with a rad little clothing collection. Goodtimes ahead!

Jason: 0451 677 101 Tarsha: 0403 690 192
Facebook @theapparelcollective instagram