ROAR: Hey Ricky! Your ocean photography blew us away? How you capture light, colours and the movement of the sea is incredible. How did your love of photography and the ocean come to life?

Ricky: Ever since a young age the ocean has definitely been one of the biggest parts of my life. It’s always been a place where I can think clearly, revisit at any time and basically call home. What I love the most about the ocean though is the fact that it’s constantly evolving and showing new characteristics of its personality each and every day. It was only the beginning of 2014 that I decided to purchase my first camera and ever since then I haven’t looked back. Photography for me is not only capturing moments of natural beauty through a digital lens, it’s also a visual expression of my personality and love I have for the ocean and its surroundings.

ROAR: What have been some highlights of your photography career so far?

Ricky: I’ve had so many memorable moments since picking up my first camera, but the ones which seem to resinate in my mind the most are the thrills that photography has provided. Whether it be exploring new undiscovered locations, chasing swells for hours on end up and down the coast or even just waiting for first light, each and every moment I’ve experienced as of yet, has played a big part in shaping the photographer and person I am today. So far I’ve been a part of several different shoots, including weddings and advertisements but personally nothing beats the excitement of racing up the beach, checking the camera and seeing an image on your screen which you’re really happy with.

ROAR: We love your landscape photos as well! Do you have to change your mindset from ocean to landscape?

Ricky: To be honest my mindset whilst shooting landscapes never changes, it’s the eyes which do all the work. Landscape photography has always been something I’ve revisited.  My early days as a photographer were all about playing around and testing with different compositions of nature but as my imagery developed I found myself primarily focusing on capturing the movements and motion of the ocean. The landscape work I produce aims to create a unique perspective within the viewer’s eye, as each individual photo attempts to differentiation itself from others with a different mood and feel.

ROAR: What equipment do you use?

Ricky: One thing I’ve learned about photography is it’s not cheap. My kit is constantly changing due to my financial state. I am currently using a canon 70d, this camera fits all my needs for the type of stuff I shoot. I also own a range of canon lenses including telephoto lenses and wide angles.

ROAR: Any exciting things happening in 2015?!

Ricky: I have big hopes for 2015! So far it’s been such a good year as I’ve had a lot more to time to focus primarily on my photography and building my portfolio. I’m also planning to travel as much as I can. So far a trip to Tasmania has been booked for the end of November and I’m also hoping to explore the coastline of New Zealand to see what those parts of the world have to offer. Thanks for having me!

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The man behind the lense

The man behind the lense