My name is Ali Husain, I am from Kuwait, but I have been living all over the world. I left the Middle East when I was 17 years old and since then I lived in Colorado, Austria, Alaska, the Arctic, Abu Dhabi and the Sultanate of Oman. This might seem like a lot of places for someone who is 33 years old but I am in the oil exploration business and oil happens to be in remote places all over the world.

I have always loved the outdoors, and living around mountains. When I finally moved back to the region I was shocked not because things had changed but because after living abroad I now had a different prospective on life. 

I saw a challenge in the society, kids running around with no goals, money being thrown every where just to keep people satisfied, obesity, health problems, drugs, crimes started to happen because of young people with no goals in life and so on .. This was in every forum and is a challenge in the society, I saw it as an opportunity to help fix things. Give young people goals and they will change. 

I am a believer that nature is a great place for people to find themselves. Nature and adventure challenges that is, not just nature on it's own. The outdoors here are pretty much untouched, there are rugged mountains and beautiful lush wadis (valleys) but everyone seems too busy chasing money in the city. So I started this campaign through my instagram posting pics of beautiful places from Oman and slowly attracting young people to join my trips. In 2013, I had 19 people joining my trips, in 2014 I had close to 250 people, in 2015 now I am already close to 200 in the first quarter, so its growing. I am now looking at more international locations such as Alaska, the Arctic, Tanzania, Mongolia, which are all places I have done private expeditions in. 
Anyway, that's pretty much the story. Other than that, I have a normal life with a wife and 3  beautiful children kids. Oh and I manage one of Abu Dhabi's largest off shore oil fields which produces about 400 thousands bbls/day, when I am not on a rock somewhere, that's the boring stuff. 

Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring us Ali! Readers can also follow and get involved with adventures through his website