The Why You Collective Story by Adam Yu

In July 2013 I was 6 months into a promotion and due to fly out to Bali for the first time on a surf trip with all the boys. I was so heavily focussed on the whole "work hard, climb the ladder, achieve all my objectives" mindset and had totally forgotten why I liked to go to work. They were just my short term motivators seeing as I was still on a bit of a high from being promoted. 

I'd been preparing for a meeting which involved the head of asia pacific and we weren't quite ready, so last minute I panicked and ditched the surf trip to stay back, work through the weekend and present on the followingTuesday. Everything went well in the meeting, but i was pissed! My boss gave me some time off and I was just fresh out of a marathon. I'd always wanted to try running to my parents house in Campbelltown, 75km away, so I used that time to try that out. 
It was an awesome experience that took 9 hours and gave me time to think about why i was even working myself that hard.

In the end I realised that Big Adventures both physical and mental, improving situations, helping people and being surrounded by good people were the reasons I do anything. My job had gotten in the way of my ability to go on adventures, the people had changed in my company and I wasn't getting on well with them. It was great to have some clarity on why I was so dissatisfied.

During the run, the other thing I noticed was that the people I talked to along the way found it quite amusing. Afterwards I thought about it for several months and decided that it would be cool to share other peoples reasons why. To have conversations with them and share their stories. To gain a better understanding of what makes people tick. Everyone is normally defined by their jobs and its always a standard social question to ask that you pass judgement on, but that's boring and peoples reasons why are way more interesting to hear about. It's about what makes people happy. Not trying to find happiness, but letting what makes you happy lead you to make the decisions you make.

So it became something I really believed in as a tool to create a more satisfied life at work, either just by reminding yourself why you're there or to start making small changes to regain your satisfaction with work/life. I wanted to set a larger than life example so I could then come back and start to work on it as something to incorporate into the working environment and the idea for The Man Who Ran to Amsterdam was born. 

Big Adventures: The 3,000km run
Improving situations: Working with Arts Access Australia to promote the social model of disability Click on the link to sup
Helping People: Having in depth discussions about what people do and why they do it.
Being surrounded by good people: All of you :)
Is what this journey is all about.
Now I'm 211km into the run sitting in a small lodge in Sant Pere Pescador Spain, reflecting on the past 2 years and continuously reevaluating my thoughts about this whole thing. So far it's been an amazing experience.
Let The Happiness Lead You :)
Adam Yu

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