Hey there, 

I am a working photographer living in Toronto, Ontario. For the past 6 years I have primarily photographed fashion and portraiture- this is all about to change. I have successfully moved out of my studio to hit the road. My adventure will last 6 months living in a van to develop a massive street and documentary photo essay.  Right now I am working 3 jobs and couch surfing to save up as much as possible before the November departure date. I have also launched an Indiegogo - The Trip About Nothing to help fund the van, some gas and of course film. 

I biked around the city with Plastik Films for the video portion of my Indiegogo to see what kind of vans Toronto adventure seekers were representing. Right now I am still on the hunt for the adventure mobile of my dreams. It is not a simple task but I know that my van is out there somewhere!

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Instagram: @tripaboutnothing #tripaboutnothing.