How it all started

Were brothers! -same mom same dad, always have been :)
We were raised by a single mother all our life and we love her to death. Josh was born in Carmichael California and I was born in Amarillo Texas. 
After living in California for 3 years we moved to Colorado for 4.i I don't remember much of this other than snippets of our home in Colorado. After leaving Colorado we moved to Butte Montana to be closer to our grandparents and thats where we called home for 10 cold years. so when people ask we just say we're from Montana, its easier that way. 

Neither me or Josh finished school in the traditional way. Josh went to job corps at a young age and got a degree in facilities maintenance. and for me, when i was 15 i got sent to a National Guard boot-camp and obtained by GED there and was out of school by 16. When i was 17 i moved to California with Josh and we worked a bunch of different sales jobs including door to door and mall kiosk jobs. we are very sociable. We then worked for 3 different windshield repair companies before finding an investor and starting our own at a young age. We then ran it for a good year and even bought a van to start transporting our employees. which is where our first van came from right there. We slept comfortably in it one night and sat around a campfire with ideas of repairing windshields on the road at Wal Marts and stuff to keep traveling. 22 weeks later our apartment was cleaned out and our stuff sold. i didnt think we would be gone 3 months let alone 3 years now. Having not done a windshield repair in about a year other than for van travelers we meet, we can happily say that we have supported ourselves off of odd=jobs and we enjoy them more.

The Plan? what plan?
the experiences, irreplaceable. 
the people, life changing. 
and the stories, endless.

Where are they at now?

Were currently around Sacramento working for a guy named Byron that we met at a music festival in Placerville Ca. doing things like helping him move and paint his new place. we told him if he can keep us busy for a week we would stay because we were itching to and set on heading to the Oregon coast. We are kind of in the midst of doing a big thing that were excited to announce soon but cant really give the details so, keep an eye out for that :)
Other than current situations we were just on the east coast about 3 weeks ago. we found plenty of work in Conneticut that kept us busy and even crossed something off the bucket list and saw a live taping of the Jerry Springer show. Other than that we just skated a lot of different skate parks, fished a lot of different places and just soaked in the vibes that the East Coast had to offer, but the west coast is the best coast and we couldn't wait to get back. the only reason we were near New York is because we did a long boarding trip, which a lot know about, but we had 4 people join us in the US as we skateboarded 50 miles a day for 3 months from Los Angeles to New York. we raised 6 thousand dollars for the Teenage Cancer Trust on the duration of the trip, and even filmed it to be released as a documentary early next year. you can read more about that trip and see more pics which you're welcome to use on my blog

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