ROAR: After meeting you whilst surfing in Byron we were keen to check your creative work. You have a unique style for ocean, coastal, nature and surfing photography that sets you apart from others. Where did this passion and creativity come from?

Kane: Definitely growing up i've had a strong connection with the ocean, waking up in the early hours before school and Racing down the beach with friends, seeing who can ride with out hands the longest (ah they were the days).  It would've been about my 15th birthday until i got my first camera. Early stages were just mucking around documenting friends surfing and skating bluh bluh maybe the odd landscape photograph. My passion has rapidly grown over the past two years. Having you're licence and the freedom to pack up the camera gear and leave, would have to be the best feeling about the whole thing. 

ROAR: Where are you from and how has this influenced you style?

Kane: The Sunny Coast. It's not the most consistent place for waves but being a pretty motivated person it ain't so bad. Living on the coast, there are already few guys out there taking photos, so the next shoot you're always trying to look for something new and different, to set you apart from the others. 
ROAR: What are some rad photo shoots you have been involved in so far?

Kane: I haven't been involved in anything to rad. It's always something special adventuring to new locations, especially when you score it with you're friends
ROAR: Is the plan to make a career of being a photographer?

Kane: It wouldn't be the worst gig i can tell you that, but for now i'll continue being a struggling artist selling prints down at the local markets and some extra part time work. See what happens in the new year. 

ROAR: What are some things that you are excited about for 2015

Kane: I'm definitely looking forward to more trips overseas and down the coast in the commo

. You can follow Kane on his instagram @kanebrownphoto and on his website