ROAR: You have such a cool style of art. Where did it come from? Who inspired you or encouraged you growing up?

Jonas: Thank you! Not sure where it comes from, just my way of drawing I guess, I am always happy to hear people enjoy it and a small part of me always gets surprised. I draw a lot of inspiration from other people's art but then when you try to do something similar it always comes out in your own way anyways… My parents always encouraged me to draw growing up, and also were supportive of me going to art school… My girlfriend is a huge supporter as well.

ROAR: Do you make a living off your art or is it just for fun?

Jonas: I make part of my living from it and that is really fun!

ROAR: Where do you want to head with your art and in what direction?

I have got some momentum now and I hope to keep that going and keep creating and having fun doing it. Right now I am working on a A-Z surfing animal series that I hope to complete before christmas.

ROAR: Where can people see and follow your art?

Jonas: On my SHOP, INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK. Thank you for sharing my work and I hope people follow my adventure through art!