Photo by Stella Crick

Photo by Marty the rad surf guide

ROAR: It is evident you are very creative soul. Was this passion instilled in you growing up? Who played a role in supporting your creativity?

Hayley: Well Thank you :) Growing up I was definitely not good at maths or numbers etc ( I still don't know my times tables haha) But I guess I always tried to see the beauty in everything and had a very active imagination. For example I thought I was a mermaid until I was about 12 and would snorkel in the bath and pretend I was under the sea. My parents always encouraged me to be who I was 100% and to believe in my dreams.

Photo By Richard Kotch

Photo by Richard Kotch

ROAR: Where did you grow up and how did your environment play a role in making you who you are today?

Hayley: I grew up in Sunny Coffs Hardbour until I was 16 and then we moved to Penrith..(yes I know...huge change) Coffs was all I knew..... it was where all my family and friends were but as strange as it sounds Penrith was a great move. It was in Penrith that I finished school and became serious about whitewater Kayaking and I grew into the women I am today. Changing schools and being put into such a foreign environment only makes you stronger. Doing sport at a high level taught me to push myself and to work hard to achieve goals.When I finished school I realized that I wanted to be back by the ocean and wanted to surf everyday. Living in the northern Beaches makes me a happy Vegemite, It is a beautiful community to be apart of with so many awesome people doing great things and living here makes me smile everyday! 

ROAR: What are some creations and designs that you have been involved in recently and currently that you are excited and passionate about?
Hayley: I guess the biggest thing is my website, I wrote a book a few years ago called A Girl Like U which was all about encouraging young girls and women to be inspired and encouraged to live the best life they can. My website is just a continuation of that. Life is hard sometimes and I wanted somewhere for girls to go to feel inspired if they are having a bad day. I wanted to share yummy food that I create and just have a space where they can go to get a big smile on their face. I just want this to grow and grow and grow!  You can also follow my Facbook and Instagram and YouTube.

ROAR: We have noticed that you collaborate with and support other creative inspirational people. What is the importance of this to you? 

Hayley: There are soooo many amazing girls and women out there doing such amazing things! I think its important to show off these people and for anyone to be able to see their stories and hopefully they can read something that resonates with them and encourages them to be the best they can be. 

ROAR: We see you as a great role model for young women. What is some advice you would give to girls growing up trying to figure out who they are and what they what to give and achieve in life?

HayleyOnce again thank you. I really do hope so :) I guess I just want to empart what i have learnt along the way with as many girls as possible. My life isnt all rainbows and sunflowers (even if it looks that way from my instagram,) I have days where I feel sad, I have struggled with weight, I have struggled with self worth, With mean girls, with heart ache and although none of us girls have the same life troubles, I do think we can learn from each other and unite. Being kind and smiling is important and believing in yourself are a few of the things that can help. 

ROAR: What is something you are really excited about for 2014?

Hayley: I guess I am always excited about life in general...every day you wake up and you really don't know what is going to happen in that day. Life is a gift and everyday is an opportunity to do your very best and create the type of life that you want! I really do hope that the year ahead holds some wonderful adventures, time with my loved ones and I hope Her Who Dreams grows into something really rad! 

Photo by Stella Crick