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Jamie is an inspirational teenager from the Central Coast, NSW Australia. He respects the environment and values our beautiful coastline. Of a weekend Jamie spends most of his free time exploring the under water world of rock caves, wave formations and wild life. He also loves going to the mountains and capturing waterfalls. We at ROAR totally connect with this lifestyle and we are so happy to share his talent and joy of living.

ROAR: Tell us a bit about yourself and where you're from

Jamie: I was born in South Africa but moved to Australia when I was just a baby, and I've been brought up by a "beach/nature loving" family. There's nothing better in my eyes then getting away with the family. If were not at the beach, you'll find us exploring the bush, looking for waterfalls, good views or a secluded camp site where we might spend the night to just get away.

ROAR:  Who and what events inspired you to get into photography?

Jamie: I got given a GoPro for my birthday from my parents and I guess it all started from there. I was literally just filming everything, not having much of a clue what I was doing, but I loved the fact that I could capture a moment that I thought was special and share it with others. By getting out and constantly finding new environments to take pictures, and with advice and help from experienced photographers and friends, I'm getting better all the time. 

ROAR: What types of photography do you enjoy the most?

Jamie: My favourite type of photography involves the "natural world". I like exploring reefs and taking pictures of whatever I find appealing. If the surf is up I'll head to the beach and try my luck with getting some pictures inside some barrels, but if not I'll head inland looking for waterfalls or just a good looking scenery

ROAR: What equipment do you use mostly?

Jamie: I mainly use a GoPro hero 3 Black edition on top of a GoPole "reach" to do all of my action/underwater photography, and a Canon 350D for the rest.

ROAR: Is this a hobby or are you looking to this as a career?

Jamie: At this stage it's a hobby, maybe sell a few prints here and there but I'm not sure where my photography will take me and that's the best bit about it.

ROAR: What exciting things have you got planned with your photography in the future?

Jamie: Well I'm really keen to get a new camera, I'm looking at the Canon 60D and in time save up for an underwater housing for it. I'd also love to go to a few markets with my pictures hopefully selling a few prints and making some money to help fund my hobby.

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Thanks for sharing a bit of your story Jamie. It is so great to hear that your family love the out doors and that they have passed their passion on to you. Nature can be the most amazing experience, and its accessible to everyone.  We are so happy that you are making the most of it! We love your photos and your outlook, good luck with your market stall and future photo taking.