Campy Camper is a camper van rental company based in Biarritz, France. Created by two friends, this company was started through the love of van life adventures. The brand truly represents an adventurous lifestyle and an appreciation for enjoying this beautiful world we live in. We love their vans, it makes us want to plan a ROAR road trip through Europe.  


ROAR: How did Campy Camper come about? Who was involved in starting this company?

CAMPY CAMPER: Campy Camper is the idea of two friends, after a road trip all around Australia and experimenting the camper van life. The concept of van life is not well developed and known in France, so we decided to create our own company and offer the opportunity of going on road trips from Biarritz, SW of France to anywhere you desire in Europe. 

ROAR: What is the purpose and mission of Campy Camper?

CAMPY CAMPER: Our main purpose is to allow travellers to discover our region and Europe differently. We really enjoyed our road trip experience in Australia and wanted others to share in the joys of van living. To ensure security, comfort, and efficiency we decided to use brand new Nissan Primastars for our Campy Camper vans and set them up with good equipment such as lights, water pump, electricity and a fridge. To give the authentic touch, we designed the inside of the van similarly to the vintage VW Combi.

ROAR: Can you share some highlights of Campy Camper so far?

CAMPY CAMPER: Created in April 2012, we have been experiencing some very exciting moments such as surf contests, where we have been partners for the events with other brands (clothes and beer).

Also our client’s stories are always really funny and enjoyable to listen to. 

ROAR: What is it like running a business in Europe? What are some fun things about owning a camper van business?

CAMPY CAMPER: I think that for this kind of business it’s really fascinating because it's pretty new in Europe and especially in France compared to the other continents like Australia or America. It was challenging in the beginning as everything was new to us, setting up a business can be hard at times. It took a lot of time, but now that we are here and getting more well known it’s going great.

Getting people to understand our concept, the advantage of van life freedom, is the best part. But as this is not their usual way of travelling it's sometimes hard to explain how amazing camping in a van can be. However, once they try it, they love it and this is our best satisfaction.

The good thing about running Campy Camper, is the atmosphere that we create around our brand and the partners that we attract, and the exciting work that we can do with them (sport, art, fashion). Creativity is amazing and rewarding thing.

ROAR: How can people get in contact with Campy Campers and be a part of your fantastic company?

CAMPY CAMPER: We have a blog where we like to share adventures, road trip stories and our lifestyle.

You can contact us by email at or by our social networks instagram @campy_camper

ROAR: What are some exciting things happening for Campy Campers in the future?

CAMPY CAMPER: We are consistently growing in popularity in Biarritz and we look forward to more growth in some other big cities in france next, and hopefully in Europe too.