It's not often you meet a lifelong friend at a service station in the middle of nowhere.  But that is exactly what happened to us late at night in the bushland of South Australia. I was admiring Willy's troop carrier set up as he was walking back from paying for fuel. He said "Hey mate, where are you heading?" That is all it took. One simple question and we were busy talking about life on the road, playing music and sharing stories. Willy believes everyone has a story to tell, he lives by that motto in the way he listens to people and treats them with respect. Willy took the time to show us some of his beautiful music, his album is unique and inspiring. Willy is a naturally gifted musician, percussionist, singer and didgeridoo player. Willy not only plays the didgeridoo but hunts down the right trees and wood to make only the finest carved instruments. Whenever Willy takes the stage everyone stops what they are doing and are in awe at his ability to take the audience on an adventure through story telling and music.

In that short time I realised Willy is a very special individual with amazing stories of living in remote areas, a mentor to young people and passionate about spending time with Australia's indigenous Aboriginal communities. We have some very exciting collaborations coming up with Willy including short films and music performances as well as a whole lot of adventures!


Willy is available for gigs, school visits, corporate events and musical therapy. Keep in contact with Willy and book him in for music gigs through the following links below.