A beautiful picture of Sash and Bo from inkedincolour.com

A beautiful picture of Sash and Bo from inkedincolour.com

The internet can be a wonderful thing, a way to share stories and connect with people, we feel blessed to have met Sash and Bo because of such a medium. Our love of sharing thoughts, pictures and stories online through our blogs, brought us together.   

Sash lives on the West of Australia and we live on the East, when we realised we would be passing through her home town we decided to meet up and get to know the girls behind 'Inked in Colour'. We had the best afternoon at Samudra in Dunsborough with this beautiful mother daughter duo, eating lots of yummy food and talking about the ups and downs of life. 

Jess with Sash and Bo

Jess with Sash and Bo

Jonny and Bo

Jonny and Bo

Jonny & Bo picking fresh herbs from Samudra's garden.

Jonny & Bo picking fresh herbs from Samudra's garden.


ROAR: You are a talented and creative writer and actress. What inspired you to delve into these avenues?

Sash: I grew up in a very creative house. My mother is a multi-medium creative artist, we always had paints and cameras and clay on hand to create with. A passion for creativity was instilled in all of us at a very young age. When I was kid I knew I wanted to work in the arts and by the time I was in high school I was performing in several professional and semi-professional theatre companies, working in TV shows and I was pretty passionate about it all. After I finished high school I went to drama school to become more finely tuned in the art of performance.

Somewhere in my very early twenties my focus changed and I became totally obsessed with the outside world. I got on a plane and I disappeared into the great unknown for many years on and off… Everything I saw and experienced has fuelled my desire to learn and my desire to create and to share. Traveling literally changed the very fabric of my life.

ROAR: What is Inked in Colour? 

Sash: Inked in colour is essentially a personal blog. It is a place where I share my own journey, the good and the bad. I’m a big believer in honesty and the importance of sharing the human experience. It’s a wild and emotional ride, this life business, and I think that we don’t connect enough with our world or with each other. We seem to be taught to detach from the world and I want to bring that attachment back to my own life.

Inked in Colour is my own little corner of the internet, it is the story of my own personal life through pictures and words but it’s more than just that. It is a place where people come together to discuss social quirks, political issues and parenting. Inked in colour is a celebration of the human experience in all its glory, the good and the bad. The love, the laughter, the grief and the loss. The human experience is what connects us all and even though we don’t all follow the same path, we are all in this together.

ROAR: What goals do you  have for the future of your blog?

Sash: As I grow and change, the blog grows along with me. In the few weeks Inked in Colour is going through a bit of a facelift. As I find new direction in my life as my marriage ends and a new life begins, my blog changes along with me. With a stronger focus on the community and the creative, Inked is set to grow with a few exciting new projects in the works. I don’t know exactly what the future brings (in the blog or in life in general) but that’s the beauty of the blogging medium, it’s so flexible, there is so much room to grow and so much room for creativity and expression. It’s really quite exciting!

ROAR: The last few years you have lived in a tiny village in Java, Indonesia. What was that like?

Sash: Living in remote Indonesia was an amazing experience. I went there with an open mind and a sense of adventure. I wanted to experience life completely out of my every day norm, and that’s exactly what I got. I didn’t know how long I would last with no hot water, language skills in an earthquake zone… but I stayed for three years. It’s amazing how you can learn to live with so little and be happy. I became a better person from my time spent in Indonesia. I gained so much, including a beautiful daughter. I learned a new language, I learned more about myself than I ever thought possible. I fell in love with the place and it’s beautiful people. I went to Indonesia a wayward wild child, and I came back to Australia as a (still a little wayward) adult… I know who I am now, and that’s a pretty amazing gift a place can give a person!

ROAR: How has your precious daughter Bo changed your life?

Sash: I think anyone who has ever loved a child can tell you that having a child changes everything about your life. It’s not just the lack of sleep or the change in routine or the hit you take to your social life… for me, having Bo changed the very fabric of my soul. Before she was born, I knew that she was remarkable… but she is 16 months old now and every day she teaches me more than I could ever, ever teach her. She has changed the shape of my day to day life, but she has also made me more patient, more kind, more gentle and much more aware of the world around me. Being a parent is perhaps the most universal human experience. When I first held Bo, in one second I was every mother in the world, and she was every child. The world looks so different through that lens. I am much more compassionate than I was before, and much more emotional. I want to make the world a better place for my child to live in…

ROAR: From reading your blog we have noticed  your love for  humanity and support for human rights. What do you hope to achieve in these areas? 

Sash: I have a real passion for human rights. I think that in our fast paced modern world that it’s so easy to become complacent. We are so lucky in Australia to have so much opportunity and safety and equality… that it’s really easy to forget that the rest of the world isn’t like this. I’m just wrapping up my masters at the moment, with my final semester looming… With a masters in Social Change I hope to be able to work at a community level here in Australia and overseas, helping to facilitate change and better the quality of life for people at a grass roots level. How we live had a direct effect on how we feel… I think that anything any of us can do to help someone else change their own world for the better is worth doing. I think we all have a responsibility to do good things for our world and for each other… can you imagine if we all just did a little bit? The world would be a much better place.


Thank you Sash and Bo for such a special afternoon and taking the time to share your story. We can't wait to come back to Western Australia for another visit. Untill then we can keep up with them through Sash's blog 'Inked in Colour'. Be sure to check it out, link below.