One of our favourite photographers James Bennett has taken the time to share some words, photos and a couple of secret tips to being a successful photographer. We are so pleased to feature his artistic and creative talent, you can really see his passion for photography. 

The man behind the lens.

The man behind the lens.

What has inspired you to choose photography as a career and what is your business called? 

I didn't choose photography - it chose me. Once apon a time I was a graphic designer and the photographer who was supposed to show up for a commercial shoot rang up at the last minute saying he was sick. I had brought my camera in and I was given a shot - oh I love unintentional puns. 

We have noticed that you are getting heaps more into using film photography and have developed a lot of your own photos in the past.  What excites you about these aspects? 

The fact that there's the unknown. I make mistakes on film and I love that. Theres a certain romance associated with the colours, the grains and even though this can be simulated on computers - nothing beats the original. Digital however is extremely useful too - especially on commercial shoots. 

What areas of photography are you focused on and what areas do you survive financially off? 

I still shoot for a few agencies in Newcastle and Sydney doing commercial photography but these days weddings are my biggest focus. 

What equipment do you mainly use for your photography? 

The equipment I use includes a variety of Nikon DSLRS/ polaroid land cameras/ medium format film and 8x10 large format cameras.  

Who is your favourite photographer and why? 

To someone who isn't in the game that's a perfectly reasonable question. But when you're in the industry and you love so many shooters for so many different reasons it's an extremely difficult question to answer. Currently I'm loving Jan Schulz, Theo Gosselin, Mark Tucker… the list goes on and on. 

What does the future hold for you? 

Hopefully lead a life thats full of beauty and inspiration. 


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