Tim from Take 3

Tim from Take 3

We first met Tim at a Take 3 film night at The Glass Onion Society in Long Jetty, NSW, Australia. We loved his passion and enthusiasm for the environment. Then Tim came to a School, which we casual teach at, to promote Take 3. We also saw him surfing at the pass in Byron Bay. It was like his message kept popping up and we knew we had to share his story.

Sometimes we think it's too hard to fix the environment and the problems are too great, but Take 3 is such a simple and effective message. It works for us as we come across amazing beaches and national parks. Now every place we go we Take 3! Please get on board with this exciting adventure and support Take 3's initiative.

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Tim and the crew taking 3 for the environment.

Tim and the crew taking 3 for the environment.

When and why did you start Take 3?

I'd been encouraging fellow surfers and friends to join me on beach clean ups after being inspired by Dave 'Rasta' Rastovich's efforts during his 2009 TransparentSea voyage. I was impressed that he had made a personal decision to do SOMETHING about protecting whales and dolphins and thought there was nothing stopping me doing something about the increasing amount of plastic on our beaches. It turns out there was two ladies in my local area on the Central Coast who thought the same way and had come up with a concept called 'Take 3 - A Clean Beach Initiative'. A mutual friend introduced us all and there was electricity from the start. Each of the three co-founders of Take 3 had learnt about the increasing problems of plastic pollution in the oceans and wanted to do something about it.

What is Take 3s message?

Take 3 asks everyone to simply take 3 pieces of rubbish with them when they leave the beach, waterway or...anywhere. Our aim is to educate about the problems of plastic in the ocean and inspire people to take simple actions to reduce the impacts. 

What has been Take 3s greatest achievement so far?

Take 3 have achieved so much in our relatively short history and with very little money and resources. We've done this thanks to the fantastic, passionate people who have been inspired to build our grassroots organisation. Our greatest achievement so far was winning the 2011 Taronga Conservation Society Green Grant (Taronga Zoo). We were up against some serious competition and were so stoked to be deemed the cause worthy of the money and support from such an esteemed organisation as Taronga Conservation Society. It marked the fundamental transition from a grassroots action to a serious organisation with visions to go National and Global.

What are some statistics about rubbish and the ocean?

I could tell you frightening statistics about rubbish in the ocean all day. Here's a few:

  • Every beach in the world is likely to have some evidence of plastic pollution on it.
  • Plastic now contaminates every corner of the world's oceans with up to 40,000 pieces per square kilometre found in Antarctic waters in 2012.
  • Well over a million innocent sea creatures die every year as a result of either ingesting rubbish or becoming entangled in debris. 
  • There are five major oceanic gyres that cycle vast quantities of debris in giant whirlpools. The most famous being the North Pacific Gyre aka The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.
  • Approx. 80% of all the debris in the ocean starts on land before making its way to the sea and the majority comes from what we call 'disposable' products or packaging.
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How can the general public get involved in supporting Take 3?

The whole idea about Take 3 is to empower every person in Australia and the world to help us out by picking up some rubbish. We look at it as a way of giving a little bit back to an ocean and a planet that we have treated with incredible disrespect. I think the act of taking 3 is such a beautiful metaphor and I get so stoked when I hear that new people have become inspired to help. There's a sort of magic when people take that step of picking up some rubbish that they weren't responsible for. We love seeing images on our Facebook or Instagram where people have done a quick clean up and tagged us!

Take 3 operate out of the Sydney to Newcastle region in NSW so are always looking for volunteers to assist us in our various events, school visits, expos, beach clean ups etc. Anyone out there interested in spreading more awareness about Take 3 in their area or incorporating our message into their organisation, Council, school, business or whatever should definitely get in touch! We're very open to ideas about how to further engage the global population on addressing this issue and moving towards much needed improvements.

What does the future hold for Take 3?

We are working on our education program that we hope to raise $50, 000 for through a new crowd-funding program called Jumpstartz. We will be launching the campaign very soon so keep an eye on www.jumpstartz.com

We still see a huge gap in the awareness and understanding of this very important environmental issue so believe heavily in education of a broad section of the community. We want to do things a little bit differently so are looking towards new and innovative ways to engage people and see that they embrace simple changes. We work with a number of organisations around Australia working towards common goals of understanding more about marine debris, raising awareness, changing legislation to reduce problem plastic from entering the oceans, encouraging commerce to work positively on reducing the impacts of plastic pollution and having a whole lot of fun along the way!

Tim enjoying the ocean, surfing at Wategos, Byron Bay.

Tim enjoying the ocean, surfing at Wategos, Byron Bay.

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To support Take 3 and learn more about this amazing environmental initiative, click on the website and facebook links below.