Harry Davis stood out as an amazing artist at a school where Jonny was casual teaching. After seeing his work and listening to his hip hop rhymes it was clear that Harry was one talented kid. His love of using posca pen to create amazingly colourful, bold pieces gives Harry's work a unique style that is sure to catch your eye. If Harry focuses on this potential he will definitely go places.  

Harry infront of his wall art.

Harry infront of his wall art.

So your a teenager on the Central Coast. What does a day in the life of Harry Davis involve?

Well a day in the life pre much involves, going to school... Sketching at school, getting home, see what mates are doing see if there down for bball or some other activity, if not... Just the usual, sketching, painting.

Weekends are a bit different, either going out with mates or painting with mates.

What inspired you to start doing art?

I have always been a drawer since I was little, so I havent had much inspiration I just do it cause I love it, just have practiced to get to where I am, yeah there are a lot of artists I look up to but can't name em all! 

Your also involved in writing lyrics and aussie hip hop, what do you hope to achieve in this area?

I just do my hiphop stuff as a bit off a relaxing hobby, pre fun too, so I don't really aspire to get anywhere with it, just like doing it as a little hobby.

Your starting to make some cash on the side with your art pieces already and are building a name for yourself. Is this something you will continue in the future and why?

Yes of course, I'm really starting to switch on with my art, I want to get out there in the world and do what I do, just going to take a bit of practice and time! It is my goal and I love doing it. 

What does the future hold?

I would like to improve alot ! And run some exhibitions/galleries and meet alot of big artists.

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Thank you so much for sharing your passion with us Harry, we love your art and hope you make the most of your special talents. Cant wait to catch up with you in the future!

Want to check out more of Harry's awesome art, buy one of his pieces or get him to draw you something special, just click on the link below.