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Riley and Donna are a self titled musical duo from Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. Their beautiful indie folk music is a pleasure to listen to and enriches the soul. With a great sound and soothing harmonies it is always a good night listening to these guys live. Take a journey and gain an insight into successes and challenges of being independent Australian musicians.

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You are both two talented musicians, how did the band come to be?

The band started as just me and Donna playing covers of songs that we liked a couple of years ago in high school. We started to write our own songs and pretty soon we were looking for a band to make our songs even more interesting. I think that’s what we like the most, playing with different people and different instruments, they just add another dimension to our songs.

What is you favourite achievement on this musical journey?

It’s probably been a collection of little achievements. When we first started out we literally had no idea of what we were doing, or how the music ‘scene’ really worked, I mean we had a vague idea, but the first year was definitely a learning curve. 

At the start we were just trying to play any and every gig we could get out hands on. We booked a tour/ road trip playing in Newcastle, Coffs Harbour, Byron Bay, Nimbin, Gold Coast and Brisbane. Fun times, fights, and driving till dawn sum up the trip. Since then we have been playing in our hometown Newcastle, Sydney and Melbourne, but I definitely think that initial tour helped us realise how things worked, and what type of sound we wanted.

What is something unique and interesting that people may not know about Riley & Donna?

Donna’s from South Africa. A guy in Nimbin came to see our gig with his pet goanna on a leash. 

Obviously being an independent musician playing music is a tough but exciting adventure. What are the biggest challenges faced trying to succeed?

Juggling work, uni and music. 

Who would you most like to support?

Lisa Mitchell, Feist , Bon Iver

Where would you like Riley & Donna to be in a years time?

Not Sure. We are releasing our EP This Week, and then we will be touring to promote it and get it into as many people's ears as possible. Then we are taking a little break, travelling to different countries, seeing what things we write, adventures along the way, perhaps another release, but you never know whats around the corner. 

Be sure to check out Riley & Donna's you tube clip below for their '1984' single and like their face book page so you can keep up to date with all their gigs and get along to have a relaxing and inspiring evening.  We have also provided their itunes link so you can support Independent Australian musicians. Thanks again for an insight in being an independent musician/band in Australia.