We are always excited when we meet someone who is doing something creative or alternative to an everyday business or lifestyle. After going for a stand up paddle (SUP) at Mawun bay, Lombok, Indonesia we bought a coconut juice and pineapple to rejuvenate. While chilling, a local approached us and showed us his jewellery. At first glance I thought it was the regular wood bracelets, which are sold everywhere in Bali and Lombok. It was actually black seaweed. Andy, the local, took the time to explain that he goes deep sea diving off the coast and collects black seaweed. They then go through a process of drying, adding oil and then creating bracelets, rings and earrings. He is able to look after his whole family financially with food and shelter through this business. We were more than happy to support him. If you ever drop into Mawun bay in Lombok be sure to chase up Andy and support his business, which he has been running for three years now.


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