We have loved following Idle Theory Bus and their adventures across America. We are so excited to share their passionate story with you and hope you are inspired to live your own dreams.

Who is Idle Theory Bus?


What led you to take the leap and live the VanLife?

We acquired Sunshine in North Carolina and drove her out to California a few years back. Volkswagon love strikes suddenly, permanently, and without warning. Our bus has changed our lives. After graduating university, we lived in the van for eight months, poor as hell, doing work on small organic farms in exchange for a place to crash and food.

We’ve lived in apartments for stints since then, but whenever we’re confined to one place, we get itchy. About a month later we’re planning a move back into the bus. It’s our home.

What do you do for financial support?

The balance of work and leisure fascinates us. The Idle Theory of our lifestyle is to have the means to achieve freedom from obligation. Living creatively requires a huge surplus of time, which money can buy.  So, as we all know but hate to admit, money is crucial. You don’t really need that much of it to do what we do, though.

Rachel has a fair amount of wine knowledge and has always found work as a server. Luckily, the restaurant industry is for vagabonds. Coming and going is part of the trade.

James has been fortunate to make films for a living, though the balance of work and leisure becomes incredibly (wonderfully) complicated when you make art for money. For the past year, he’s had a blast as the content creator for DIY surf channel

What inspires you?

Those who have found a way to live off the grid. The poetry of Robinson Jeffers.  Awesome VW mechanics. Peaches fresh off the tree. The wise innocence of Richard Brautigan. Finding cold water in the desert. The detail of a hummingbird’s nest. Carrot cake.

But really, we are most inspired by the moving miracles we find in the wild. We spend a lot of our idle time on back roads, in forests of Douglas fir or in the painted hills of the American West’s varied deserts. The diversity of our planet is overwhelming, and we feel honored to have experienced some of it.

What does the future hold for Rachel, James and Sunshine?

2013 is an exciting year for us. We are on a trip north through California, and the plan is to make it to the Canadian border by year’s end. That is, if Sunshine allows us that distance. There will be a lot of backpacking, some farm work, and probably a few inevitable breakdowns. We are stoked to be on the road!

Rachel is developing a graphic novel based on the comic strips we have on our site. Ataraxia might be complete by the year’s end. 

Ataraxia_The Hour Of The Bats.jpg

We are also releasing a web series that documents our travels and the people we meet, called Bus Stops. The first episode will be available in late March/early April. Keep an eye out on

A Girl and Her Bus.jpg

Cant get enough of James, Rachel and Sunshine, click on the links below and get lost in their adventures.

 James' film work has also been featured online on Korduroy TV 


Thank you so much for sharing your story guys, feeling very inspired! Have fun driving to Canada, good luck with your Ataraxia graphic novel and can't wait to watch your Bus Stop web series.