It's been so much fun getting to know Japanese illustrator, Ha-Tu, who has taken the time to share some of his story with us. His illustrations are fun and full of life, you can't help but smile at his fresh take on art.


What led you to becoming an illustrator?

I have loved drawing since I was a kid, though I never imageined I could make a career out of it. As time passed my passion for art grew and I decided to pursue graphic design. This led to several creative years working for an advertising company. During this time I continued drawing and developing my illustrations skills. After my illustrations started getting recognition I was offered work as an illustrator and step by step I was achieving my goals and living my dream.

Who and what inspires your art?

verything I see. Everyone I meet. From popular artist's work to fliers which has been dumped on the road. I always keep searching for something to inspire me. Yoshio Nakazawa is especially inspiring, he is a famous Japanese artist who draws with water color. His paintings are beautiful, they have a very rough feel to them. I draw on him when I am lost and need inspiration, I respect his work greatly.

What do you hope to achieve with your illustrations and what does the future hold for you

I hope my works make someone happy or laugh.  It would be great if my illustrations could one day take me around the world, I would love to travel and work, that would be amazing.  

What achievements are you most proud of?

Designing and selling my t-shirts in US and UK was a great feeling of achievement. Being invited to compete in a worldwide competition based in america and being recoginsed by people such as yourself, I feel honored to be rated not only in Japan but overseas, thank you.


e love your quirky taste in design Ha-Tu, thanks for putting a smile on our face. Inspired by Ha-Tu's illustrations, you can check out more through the link below and if you have any questions you can email him at