We absolutely love 'This Wild Idea'.  Theron Murphy had a goal to share the stories of everyday people, with everyday people, genius!  He travelled all 50 states of America, interviewing one person a day and the result is amazing.  You can check out Theron and the stories on his website, link below. 

Theron's current venture is with his beautiful dog Maddie.  O my gosh this dog is amazing.  She is the star of the show and the muse of Theron's new project, a book called 'Maddie on Things', which is filled with images of Maddie on all sorts of objects.  Be sure to check out more of Maddie on the website, link below.


heron is also the brains behind 'Why We Resuce', a project across New York City that shares the stories of people who have rescued animals.  Theron's photography of these beutiful dogs and their owners, along with their touching stories is a way to raise awareness for the cause.  "It's about discovering and sharing the stories of how rescuing animals changes our lives." (http://www.thiswildidea.com/webroot/nyc/)  Check out these cute dogs and their humans through the link below.


Cant get enough, check out this video.  For more sweet clips click on the This Wild Idea Vimeo link below.

We absolutely love and support what you do, thanks for the inspiration Theron and Maddie.