We were surfing at Gravs, Norah Head, NSW, Australia when we spotted a cool looking adventure mobile. We love talking to people about their lifestyle, so I approached the family to find out more. Craig and Kelly along with their three beautiful children, Indi, Keanu and Tao have moved into their van full time and were in the preparation stage, getting ready to start their road trip and explore Australia. It was so nice to hang out with these guys and talk about van living and the amazing opportunities that come along with this alternate lifestyle. Craig worked as a truck driver but wanted to spend more time with his family and see more of our beautiful country. So they made the decision to live the van life full time. I told the children how lucky they were to have such great parents and Indi replied "I know they take us everywhere" such a cutie. We gave them some rebel on a rainbow stickers for the road and hope to catch up with Craig and the crew soon and have a camp fire or a surf. You can follow their adventures on the blog link provided below.  What inspirational people to be giving their children such an adventurous upbringing.