We were super stoked to get a chance to interview high profile talented and well spoken artist Allan Wrath.  His story will give you the kick in the pants sometimes necessary to start your passionate journey and share it with others.  ROAR just ordered one of his prints tonight through Allan's online store.  Can't wait to get it on the wall!

What lead you to being an artist?

When I was 6 my grandad taught me about Michaelangelo, it inspired me so much that I decided from that moment I would make a living as an artist. I believe in following your heart and serving the things that you most love. Then you are guaranteed to live a life that you are satisfied with.

What do you hope to achieve through your art?

Through my artwork I want to inspire a positive message that is life changing. I want people to feel like they can look at my artwork and feel like they can do anything.

Where is your artwork located and how can people get pieces of your work?

I stock a couple of cafes in the greater Auckland area of NZ, I also have my own online gallery called the Allan Wrath Gallery I plan to one day setup a Gallery/Cafe which is currently on the cards. I have just recently done an amazing piece in a cafe in Auckland. I have had quite a bit of publicity worldwide with it. Check out the time lapse Cafe art video below!

What has been the highlight of your career?

Highlight of my career, hmmm. I just finished a huge illustration job for Lion Nathan Sydney. It was for their new Sydney Olympic Park head office. I spent a solid 8 weeks working on illustrated graphics for their walls. It is a 4 story building with a fully illustrated 4 story stairwell. Every wall in the whole place has quirky graphics everywhere.

What do you use as inspiration?

I'm always looking through blogs and I have my select artists that inspire me. I like to get out on my 9'6 single fin for a few waves. My local is a beach called Muriwai where a guy actually got killed by a great white yesterday. That was pretty out of the blue and really hit home. I find surfing has an amazing power to help you just chill out. It seems to put life in perspective. It makes the dollars seem less important and doing what you love more possible. heck out Allan's gallery, link below.

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