We met Tim in the town of Eugene as we were adventuring and van living our way through Oregon. His unique art and woodwork grabbed our attention and we were impressed with Tim's ability to create individual pieces out of recycled material and driftwood. Tim told us some of the stories of going to the coastline and local rivers to explore and find wood and bits and pieces, which he could turn into functional tables, coffee tables, chairs, cutting boards etc. A very interesting story was when he went to the Oregon coastline and found pieces of furniture that were very unique and had come from the country of Japan, possibly from the nuclear explosion. Tim has his own gallery in downtown Eugene called Out On A Limb Gallery. You can get in contact with Tim and follow his adventures and rustic style of fine woodwork by following his interesting and creative blog timboydenart.com. On his blog Tim states "I strive to use locally salvaged or gathered materials whenever possible! Be it collecting river stones and driftwood along the Willamette River by my home or from the gorgeous Oregon coast, buying locally harvested and milled trees or by using our cultures broken discarded items". We at ROAR love meeting creative and interesting people in our travels, who are offering something positive to their community. All pictures used in this article are from Tim's blog.

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