Jess wearing Ocean Rebel

Jess wearing Ocean Rebel

Jonny wearing Ocean Rebel 

Jonny wearing Ocean Rebel 

We came into contact with Angela on a ROAR trip to America. Her story is inspiring and we love how she is using her brand 'Ocean Rebel' to make a positive difference. You can take a look and follow this social entrepreneur and her clothing by clicking on her Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Ocean Rebel Website 


ROAR: What inspired you to start the brand 'Ocean Rebel'?
Angela: Many things inspired me. I grew up in front of the water here in Florida and I was obsessed. I've been boating since I can remember and I just couldn't get enough. As I got older I enrolled in Marine Bio classes and started noticing just how fragile the ocean is; and how many people abuse it. I also learned about how many people can't get to clean water. So, I wanted to make a difference. How can I play all the time, but still help others? Thus, Ocean Rebel. The more you ride, the more you save.

ROAR: Who are the key people involved in founding and running 'Ocean Rebel'?
Angela: I founded the idea when I was 14 years old. I made it a company just a few years later. I sold lots of my extra belongings to save money to put in Ocean Rebel. I do give credit to my family though because they had to listen to my ideas over and over again.

ROAR: What is the purpose and mission of your brand?

Angela: Our mission Is to provide comfortable, stylish apparel and gear meanwhile enhancing the lives of others. Ocean Rebel is an exclusive high standard company with proper morals and ethics. Ocean Rebel's products are thoughtfully designed for water sport enthusiasts by water sport enthusiasts. That is how we create a stylish, durable, and satisfying product regardless if your taking a walk on the beach or catching a wave in the sunset. Its the perfect breathable clothing line.

ROAR: What are some awesome things that 'Ocean Rebel' has been involved in and what sports do they support? 

Angela: We are still a new company therefore our involvement is limited to our budget. We have been involved in local events around tampa, we attend local markets, we sponsor great athletes, we donate a percentage of our profits to DropInTheBucket which is an amazing non-profit building wells and sanitisation systems in Africa. Hopefully we will be able to do much more in the near future. We support all water sports: kiteboarding, surfing, wakeboarding, flowboarding, skim, scuba, boating, sailing, rowing, skiing, tubing, windsurfing, wakesurfing, SUP, kayak, and much more.

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ROAR: How can people get in contact and get involved in your brand? 

Angela: The best way to get involved is through our Facebook page, we constantly update and show real time pictures of what is new and what were doing next. We also have a website with an online shop, instagram, and twitter page. The best way to get involved and make a difference is to purchase our products. We made it as simple as that. If one is looking to help out more in depth then an email through our contact page at is best.

ROAR: What are some challenges in running your own brand and business?

Angela: Trying to make time for other things. I always want to work on O.R. and perfect it. Its hard to put it aside and focus on school. The largest challenge is trying to raise funds. When we go to a local event we sell out of most our supply, but when we ask for donations and in return they get our products we can't seem to raise any money. Another great challenge is constantly thinking if your doing the right move, decisions decision decisions.

ROAR: What are some exciting things in the future that 'Ocean Rebel' is planning? 

Angela: We are planning some awesome things! We are looking to start a line of wooden watches, sunglasses, and waterproof backpacks. As well as lifejackets and board shorts. In the larger picture, we are looking to create custom Ocean Rebel gear. A new line of wake boards and surfboards, custom design just for Ocean Rebel. We are looking to take on some more athletes and attend international events. Also, we are looking to travel to Africa to see first hand the process of building a water well in a Sub-Sahran School. We have many more future planning's but those are just a few.

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