Brayden is a talented young Graphic designer and artist from Newcastle, Australia. I was lucky enough to teach him at School when I was a full time teacher. As a teenager Brayden was constantly sketching and designing ideas in and out of class. His classmates and I knew he was going places with his art. It is so exciting to see that he has started his own skate and design business with Head Quarters. We hope that you are as inspired as us to check out his adventure in starting his own business. We at ROAR will be keeping a close eye on Brayden for sure, as he follows his dreams and uses his talents to offer something fresh to the community.

ROAR: What inspired you to get into art?

Brayden: When I think back on when I first started drawing or being "arty", I was definitely most inspired by my older sister. We were and still are pretty competitive throughout most of the things we do together. I used to see all her sketches and water colourings she would leave scattered throughout the house and it became something of a goal to be as great as I saw her to be. As time passed and I was found constantly drawing on desks or my arms during class, staying up till morning hours trying to imitate other artists work that I would find online. Driven to learn their line work and produce my own originals. After that, I was just very lucky to have received an overwhelming amount of positive reinforcement from family, friends and peers at school, which only put fuel on the fire for me to seek out art to be a lifestyle that I wanted for myself.

ROAR: What types of art are you involved in and what types do you enjoy the most?

Brayden: I tend to do a lot of doodling. And these doodles tend to be focused around previous conversations I have had with friends about our childish ideas and imaginations. A lot of my art tends to be cartoons with a dash of japanese influence. All my art starts out as pencil on paper and eventually make their way onto a computer screen to be digitally coloured in or adjusted slightly. But I do love nothing more than to sit down with a screen full of japanese tattoo designs and just become inspired to create my own pieces, drawing waves, masks, demons, foo dogs, dragons and the list goes on. I find it to be such a beautiful balance between detailed line work and serene simplicity that it demands you to focus and almost meditate on what you are trying to create.

ROAR: We heard you have started a brand with your art?  Tell us a bit about it?

Brayden: I've got a brand named Head Quarters, and it started when I was out skateboarding a couple of months ago, and one of my mates was raving about how sick the design was on the bottom of his board. And all I remember thinking was "I can do that". So I decided try and walk the walk, make a few phone calls and start putting plans together to get a business going. It's all still very much trial and error at this stage, with getting stock and trying to maintain funds. But I'm having fun and thoroughly enjoying the experience so far.

ROAR: Where can people check out your work?

Brayden: Most of my work and the lead up to finished projects gets put up onto my instagram @bwiliknson, up at the loop, I also have but not to much is really going to get posted up there until more of my business plans really get nutted out.

ROAR: What are some exciting things planned for you and your art in the near future?

Brayden: I am a little excited about a couple of projects I've got coming up. I've got some work with an emerging band The Crispens, which has been so fun just to have artistic freedom with these boys that have just come back from winning the hunter schools rock off. But I'm looking forward to a collaboration I've got coming up with one of my friends projects called the Secret Cabin, everything is a bit hush hush keep it on the down low at the moment. But it's gonna be supercali-friggen-awesome.

Thanks for sharing your art and a bit of your story with ROAR. We are so excited to see where this venture take you. Good luck!