Hey everyone! This is Mik and Brandon and together we started Adventure Kooks- just a little bit about us- we are both from Ventura County, CA and have been living in Utah for the past few years and we are loving it! Utah is where most of our adventures and voyages take place, but we are excited to visit and discover new places too! Things that we are doing now began because of our love for the outdoors and the relationship we’ve created with each other.

Newly married, Brandon and I have always felt pretty eager and ready for adventure. It seemed like all we could think about was the amazing plans we were constantly making. Which place to climb, what mountain to ski, what we were going to do next. We’ve been captivated for quite awhile by the idea of the van life and the freedom that it offers. While going to school full time and working, we have not had the mobility that we crave- so we constantly dreamed about the future when Brandon would graduate and we would go on our dream ski trips. It was all just dreams until Brandon found an ad on KSL. We drove two and a half hours just to take a look and ultimately drove home late that night with what has been the greatest purchase we’ve ever made (besides our two pups); Our 1994 Dodge Van. We have had the van for almost a year now and during that time she’s made her voyage from the great Wasatch Mountains of Utah to the Southern California Coast and back again.

Those trips we took really showed us the improvements we could make with the van and we started a pretty hefty remodel in the middle of summer. It hasn’t been easy and we are learning the amount of time it truly takes to dive into a project like this. When we first bought our beloved ram van she had shag carpet- it seemed alright at first but we quickly realized that if we wanted to take her on ski trips and to the beach we needed something a little less water absorbent, that wouldn’t stay wet for several days after a trip. Since ripping out the carpet we have repaired the rusty floor of the van, cut outdoor carpet to be a barrier between the metal floor and the fresh new plywood above, laid down sheet vinyl for a more water proof interior, painted the wood paneling and kitchenette of the van, added a Goal Zero generator and paneling system and a Dickinson heater to keep the van cozy in the cold northwest winters. We hope to have everything complete by December because Brandon will be graduated and then its officially game on! We’re still pretty new to this community of adventure lovers and van enthusiasts, but we are digging every minute of it and we think what everyone is doing is so rad! It has inspired us in so many ways and has really encouraged us to take our passions to the next level. We can’t wait to show everyone the finished product of the van, share our adventures, meet more incredible people and add to the good vibes that we feel in this awesome community every day! To see more of what us and our two pups are up to follow us on Instagram @adventurekooks and feel free to keep in contact with us. We love hearing from everyone and getting to know you!


Mik and Brandon

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