ROAR: Hey Steph! We came across your awesome lifestyle through you photography on The Pirate Adventures. How did this idea come to life?

Stephanie: I was in the Army for five years working as a Marine specialist where my job allowed me to spend long stretches at sea. I've always had a deep love for the ocean so felt like a bit of a pirate exploring. It seemed fitting to take a little of my old life and combine with all the new adventures to be had in the future.

ROAR: We love your husky! What's it's name and how did you become companions for life?

Stephanie: Ah she's the most beautiful girl in my world. Her name's Ava and she's 5. I got her and her sister Kodah from pups when I lived in Townsville. They were inseparable together and are by far the best things to ever happen to me. The last 6 months has been the toughest of my life though. Ava was hospitalized for a week and shouldn't of survived, but she's my little fighter and pulled through.

Unfortunately a few weeks later Kodah was hit by a car and didn't survive. We both lost our best friend that day, and I will always have a big hole in my heart. Ava then needed  further shoulder surgery a few months later. It's been a heart breaking road, but also fueled this big adventure I've undertaken with her. I wanted to see Ava happy again as well as a healing space for the muscle rehabilitation she requires. I thought a trip around Australia would be a pretty good place to start! Kodahs ashes are traveling with us, and will be spread in the most beautiful spots we find around the country.  

ROAR: Your photography of wild places and settings get us so excited to go exploring. How did you get into photography and do you work as you explore?

Stephanie: Thanks so much! I've always had a passion for photography but never pursued it until this year. I actually bought my first camera a year ago but it sat collecting dust for a little while until I stumbled across my favourite photographer Dean Raphael on Instagram. He taught me so much, and I became inspired and motivated to make a start capturing the things and places I love. 

I actually work as a personal trainer, but have taken a year or so off to just travel and take photos. I would love to one day turn my hobby into a career so that's the dream! 

ROAR: What have been some highlights so far of living your adventurous lifestyle?

Stephanie: I've only been on the road for about three weeks now! So everything is still really new to me. At the moment I'm loving being with my wolf all day everyday and growing an even deeper connection together. I started the trip off with some mechanical problems so my adventure has only  really begun this last week. Highlight so far has been camping out at Tiparra rocks in South Australia. I'm reversed onto the edge of a cliff with the ocean behind me and not a soul in sight!

ROAR: Thanks for your awesome adventure story and we can't wait to share your photography through the ROAR Network when your website is complete. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

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ROAR:  What are you most excited about in 2015?

Stephanie: Oh so many things! All the incredible places I'm sure I'll see with Ava. I've got no real plans and that's what excites me! Just the two of us in our new tiny home creating the most awesome memories together. The goal is to explore as far around Oz as we can and find places to sleep at night that make my heart explode.

I'm also really excited for this adventure to be a catalyst in growth and change. To see where I started out a few weeks ago and where I end up in a years time. It's an experience I'll probably never be able to do again on such a big scale, so I'll be making the most of every second.