Hi, we are two native Texans working on building our bus life in North America. 

We've done the whole traditional American lifestyle, chasing down your dream job and working 40+ hours a week. At twenty-five, we bought our second home, a home we thought was our dream home, where we thought we would raise a family. However; after the first few months, we realized that this life is the same as the one we traded it for. We wanted change and we knew that to really make the changes we wanted to, we needed a huge lifestyle shift.  

This is how we decided to build a tiny home in a school bus, our journey to bus life started June 13, 2015. We call our bus the School of Life, this is because it is going to take us on the greatest adventure of our life. An adventure that will be full of learning, discovering, growing, and awakening. Now, we are not naive, we understand that this bus is not going to be a cure all. It's not going to just create the change for us, rather push us in the direction where we have to create change from within. We see the bus as a way to get freedom from society, standards, and expectations by separating us from societies norms. The tiny home on wheels will grant us the freedom to travel and explore as far as the bus can take us, meet many amazing people, learn many valuable lessons, teach valuable lessons, and help as many people as we can. This life should be about giving and we want to have time to do things we are passionate about and spend less time working solely to earn money. 

We are still building the School of Life Bus, you can follow that process and find our more about us on our blog and on Instagram (@schooloflifebus). We will be moving into our bus hopefully within the next month or two, but we will not begin our journey on the road until after the new year. 

Love & Good Vibes Always,

Tamra & JT