"It does not take everything to make a world, you need happiness and nothing else"says french poet Paul Eluard. I try to keep those words in mind like a post-it on my forehead. It makes life and everything more simple to me.

I've spent most of my childhood and teenage years on a 9 meters- sailing boat in Hendaye, in the South-West of France at the Spanish frontier. From the marina, if you take binoculars, you can see what people have for dinner on the other side of the channel. You can almost pretend that you eat Spanish tapas and drink sangria with strangers everyday haha. Thanks to my grand-father, I've learnt how to live with the basic minimum and realised that the basic minimum was more than enough to make me happy. When your home is in motion, the world suddenly becomes your living room. That's probably why I like spending most of my free time in my 'Nautilus' van. It's a Hyundai H100 from 1994, very small, small enough to make you feel big. With my best soul, we try to leave as often as we can, at least every week, all around France and Europe, to escape and to dream in real. 

I've always liked to feel not at home and feel like being a stranger to someone, because I feel a better person when I lose my points of reference. Being far from home asks you to be stronger and to rely on people you don't know. To be honest, I'm not able to do that at home cause I'm a very solitary person. I appreciate being hidden in a corner of my secret garden during weeks. I like to write, to read and I love to contemplate the landscapes, watch people without them seeing me and witness the world I live in. I like to write about all that. However, during roadtrips, I see things differently. I go to meet people that I wouldn't have met if we had stayed in our comfort zone in France. For example, in 2013, I've travelled on the route 66 with two friends of mine. We left with underpants in our backpacks and skateboards under our feet. We met unique people along the road from Chicago to Los Angeles, across 7 states. Last year, we left again on the Pacific coast and travelled more than 4000 km from Seattle to L.A! According to Brigitte fontaine, French composer-songwriter-player and singer of avant-garde music "We've got no place except in the middle of the world which is obviously all around".That's what I feel.

Thanks to my job as a freelance journalist- writer, I can travel as much as I want. Although I call Biarritz my home and I share a co-working space with four other girls. I can work from anywhere on earth. I'm passionate about writing, poetry, analogue photography and travels. This is the perfect balance that makes my life ideal.

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Thanks a lot to both of you,

Good vibes from Biarritz,