Name: Nathan Thompson

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Subject: A Dream of Knowing Wild Places

Message: Hi there, my name is Nathan Thompson. 18 months ago, myself and two of my closest friends decided we wanted to travel the country, spreading love, music, and art around the United States. We decided to call this journey Child Nomadica. 

But Child Nomadica is not just a road trip. It is the philosophy of travel in its rawest form. We all have different motivations, but it is what unifies us that makes us such a great group: love and the thirst for adventure. Our mission is to fully embrace culture, nature, and the inner-self with the intention of spiritual fulfillment. Through our journey, we want to show others another world is possible. 

We are currently running a crowd-funding campaign, fueled by a video that I personally spilled my blood, sweat, and tears in to making (well, not literally). It tells the uplifting and positive story of Child Nomadica. We would really appreciate it if you took a moment to check out our video The link is

With much love, Child Nomadica.

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