A trip to the Galapogas Islands through the eyes of Heidi. 

Four friends headed off to the Galapogas Islands. Myself (Heidi), my husband (Ricardo), my sister (Beth) and a friend that became family (Carly). Our trip was full of adventures all documented by our newly purchased GoPro and a 7D Cannon camera. Our first stop was a surf in the ocean. With many reef breaks to choose from we were spoilt for choice. We had so many fun surfs, which were made even better by the schools of seals who would play in the water and catch waves with us. As we paddled through the water you could see them checking us out. They also made themselves at home on the beach, sprawled out, it was a very cool experience. 

Walking around the island brings exciting discoveries as there are so many weird and wonderful animals and the water is so full of life, you never want to swim without goggles. We caught a boat out to Lyon Rock, a great place to see lots of ocean animals. We swam with snorkels between the rocks and saw many Galapagos sharks swimming casually like a pattern on the bottom. We also saw a large hammer head shark.

Galapogos is such an amazing place full of special animals that made us appreciate that there must be a master designer. Knowing him makes life beautiful and everyday was an adventure from here to eternity.