There is something about the blues that just pulls at my emotions. Mike Mcarthy's 'dirt box' style blues guitar makes the body move and the head sway which is healing. With a soulful voice and his beautiful wife Sophie's harmonies this album takes you away to wild places! This album is a live recording which makes it so special. The acoustics of the old church are amazing and the authentic sounds of the audience make you wish you were there when it all went down! The first track 'Nothin' Without Him' pulls you in and holds you from song to song. The perfect road trip album or when sitting by the fire on a cold winters night. Thanks Mike & Sophie for sharing this special gift with us. 

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FOLLOW and PURCHASE: and is titled 'Live at The Old Church on The Hill'.

Mike McCarthy is a unique songwriter who speaks from the soul. He has the respect of his peers and is one of the hardest working local artists.”