Our favourite Soul, Rhythm and Blues Australian artist, Daniel March has taken his producing to another level! We present his new single 'Nina' that makes the listener long for a beautiful soul they have never met. With the utmost respect for females Daniel's song writing pulls at your heart strings with the perfect touch of electric guitar licks, fat bass riffs and the smoothest keys poured over it! It makes you wanna sway, bob your head and bite your lip haha like a true soul brother or sister! Take a listen below and read on to purchase 'Nina' whilst helping a great cause for the next 48hrs. We can't wait for the full album.

For the next 48 hours I have made both versions of "NINA" available on BANDCAMP in WAV file For $3 or more, if you wish. All proceeds for the next 48 hours go to @destinyrescue - an Australian based organisation that works to help end sexual exploitation amongst children - Nina in Native American means "Mighty" & In Spanish means "girl" - that's what every young female should be told that they are. Appreciate higher quality music files too whilst your money goes to a good cause - win win - Dmarchsounds.bandcamp.com/releases