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VanderAa is like a trip to the beach, they are the sun that will shine on your skin, make you smile and radiate an audible golden energy of funk-esque dance rock.

This is no average walk in the park but a full throttle, movin' and shakin', getting down and then back up again affair! VanderAa are a must have on your bucket list if you haven't yet had the pleasure to experience these guys. Brothers Aaron and Levi have an incredible onstage energy, which captivates and leaves you wanting more.

Brothers Aaron and Levi VanderAa, whose surname inspired the band’s moniker, have already accomplished a healthy touring schedule since their inception in 2014 having notched up over 300 shows 10 festivals in 4 states over the last 2 years across four states delivering their high-energy performances, vivacious singing, compelling lyrics, tight rhythm section, and summer loving guitar riffs that are making enough swells to surf on.

Recently winning NT song of the year VanderAa are associated with the new fresh wave of sounds coming from the Australian scene such as - Ball Park Music, Boy & Bear and Sticky Fingers. From the outback to the capital cities this band has already played alongside some of the biggest names in Australian music, recently supporting San Cisco and the Melbourne Ska Orchestra. Previous festivals include Bass In The Grass, Wallaby Creek, Mission Evolve, performing among the likes of The Living End, The Cat Empire, Hilltop Hoods, and Eskimo Joe.


Originally hailing from Darwin and earning their gigging stripes busking and circulating the outback pub circuit, the brothers encapsulate the young, hot, fun culture that is the Northern Territory.  Their sound is equally captivating to their image, from their trademark locks down to their custom designed leather jeans made from skins of crocodile, barramundi, kangaroo, snake and cane toad…. These guys are as Australian as it gets.


Inspired by the roller-coaster lifestyle that is being a touring musician Aaron & Levi have written new EP titled ‘Serendipity’. They’ve said describing the album was best done through colours and feelings. “It’s earthy, red, passionate, with more groove then ever”.


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