Parcels' unreleased debut EP 'Clockscared is coming today!!!  We can't stop listening to their single 'Herefore' below on repeat!! Find out who they are and how to follow below and what they have been doing to get this ep recorded. We can't wait for it to go live!!

Parcels' unreleased debut EP is coming!!! Today it will be released. We can't stop listening to their single 'Herefore' on repeat!! 
Your Monday is about to get electric and funky! Let these smoothe sounds from Parcels make the start of your week all time!  After over 6 months of relentless production Parcels' debut EP 'Clockscared' is finally complete. Created partially during the final year of members schooling and completed thereafter in bedrooms, lounge rooms and garage studios alike this EP is a first taste of Parcels soulfunk, popelectro sound. 

Who are they? Louie Swain, Patrick Hetherington, Noah Hill, Anatole Serret, and Jules Crommelin have been involved in a host of musical projects in the past. From folk pop outfits Potato Potato and Louie and Patrick to groove metal band Prowler and psych rock band Lifeline. Thus the host of musical influence is diverse within Parcels creating room for a unique and developed sound. 

Sounds like? The EP takes influence mainly from 80's funk, 90's hip-hop and current electronica with elements of classical music and jazz also thrown into the mix. Despite a multitude of synths and programmed elements 'Clockscared' retains a live, real tone with the presence of room recorded guitars, vocals and ambient layers. 

The first single 'Herefore' displays a hip-hop influenced pop sound and this is expanded upon with a unique tone to each individual track.

Playing Live? Parcels plan to perform the EP widely around their beachside hometown Byron Bay (AUS) and then, with a one way ticket to Berlin booked in April, Europe awaits. 

EP teaser clip and all their social media links to follow are below. Get on board this electro, pop, funk train cause it ain't stopping yall!!!!

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No doubt you will enjoy! Thanks for sharing and inspiring legends!