All we can say is "O my goodness!" The latest ep 'Keep in Mind' from Byron Bay based singer songwriter blows our mind! Meeting Kyle over the last couple of years has been a blessing because we never can get enough of his god given vocal talent and emotive songwriting. You know a good ep when you can listen to it hundreds of times and each time feels like you have stumbled across a musical genius.  

Fun Facts: Kyle has a beautiful girl and two of the cutest kids! He loves surfing, is a true gentleman and takes a bit of everyones heart wherever he goes and plays.

Something you may not know: He is also in the epic band 'Vernas Keep' just about to tour east coast Australia!

How can you get it: itunes link ep   

Our favourite track: Slow sips because it's a secret

How to follow his musical adventures: Facebook and @kylelionhart on insta kids!