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Claudia Martin: Almond Milk

A few years ago when I first discovered I could make my own almond milk, I thought I was pretty clever and felt quite chuffed with myself. That was until I realised that it is possibly the easiest thing in the kitchen to make and that it requires absolutely zero skill! All the better I say, because there is something SO rewarding about making your own milk and having absolute confidence in its freshness and pure ingredients. A lot of the store-bought almond milks have a heap of added nasties (eeek), I also find that this DIY version is much creamier and not to mention yummier! Its simplicity just makes it all the more convenient and achievable, so I hope that you too can make this a staple in your household.

So why bother with almond milk? Here’s a fun fact, almonds have more calcium than normal cow’s milk:

+ 100ml of cow’s milk contains 115 mg of calcium

+ 100 g of almonds contains 240 mg of calcium

That’s some pretty impressive street cred for the humble little almond right? A diet high in lots of calcium-rich plant based foods makes sure that your little bodies have plenty of magnesium to absorb all of this goodness!

We love using almond milk in our smoothies, steel cut oats and even pumpkin soup! It’s extremely versatile and delicious. So here goes:

1. Get yourself some raw almonds. 


2. Soak 2 cups of raw almonds over night in filtered water.


3. Rinse the almonds really well the next day.


4. Add 3 cups of filtered water – or more depending on how you like the consistency.

Here you can get creative and add some dates if you prefer things sweet or replace some of the water with coconut milk if you’re feeling adventurous (this coconut version is particularly delicious). Or add something else entirely and let me know how it works out. We’ve added Rooibos tea before for extra antioxidants and flavour. This is flavoured milk at it’s best!


5. Blend on high until smooth and creamy.


6. Into a separate bowl, pour the blended almonds into a nut milk bag or cheesecloth. Squeeze out all the liquid with your hands (this is a fun activity if you have some little people in your life) and try to get all of the milk out. 


7. And then pour into a bottle. It’s that easy!


Don’t forget to get creative and save the almond meal (pulp) for some delicious desserts.

Now get up from behind that screen and soak some almonds before you forget!

Love Claudia x

All words and photos by Claudia Martin.